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Again welcome newbesttips.Here we are come with a new windows operating system tips.In this post i will show you how to stop Windows Automatic Update.

This method will work any windows operating system. Like as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows latest version Windows 10. Basically i will show you in windows 7. And i told you it will also work in windows 10.

It was also tested on Windows 10 by me. So me follow me to stop Windows Automatic Update.
Now i will show you how to stop Windows Automatic Update.

Just follow me. For better understood i have attached every step screen short.Ok, Let’s go.First we need to open command prompt. Open start menu. and search CMD. Like That.

Or You can also open it from keyboard shortcut. To open from keyboard shortcut, Please press Windows Key + R. Like That.

And then you will get a box. Like that.

Now In this box Write cmd and Hit Enter From keyboard. then you will get a another window like that.

Now Type services.msc and Hit Enter from Keyboard.
Then you will get services windows. like that.

From services menu we need to find Windows Update. Basically it is locate on down. Now click Windows Update and Right click on mouse. Then you you will get a window. In this wind click Properties. Or See my Screen Short.

After Clicking Properties you will get like

Above this menu you need to Disable Windows Update. From Startup Type you change that to Disabled.

Then Click Ok. Now close all windows and restart your PC.

Why Need To Stop Windows Automatic Update: Windows Update is most important service for your PC. But sometimes it will take many times to update. Your Pc will also getting slow. Your Hard Drive Spaces will reduces. And most important things it will abuses your bandwidth. You you will keep windows update or not it depends on you. Thanks For reading. 🙂

How To Stop Windows Automatic Update (Elite Mode)

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