The legendary first-generation RF-7 floor-standing speakers dubb by fans as “big monsters breathing in flames”. It craft by craftsmen in the small town of Hope Arkansas for decades.

In addition,Anyone who is familiar with the Klipsch brand. That must have heard about this classic model.

Klipsch brand

The RF-7 II redesign the unit and crossover system. It base on the first generation of products. That further modifie in appearance. It uses furniture-grade wooden decorative patches. The lines are smoother and more beautiful. The introduction of the Atmos element, that can upgrad to a panoramic sound system with the overhead Atmos speaker. Of course, you must choose the right TV cabinet to match it. In this way, the user’s taste can be better displayed. Read this article on Top 10 Floating Tv Stand to learn more.

Klipsch Atmos element

Klipsch never obsess with existing achievements. This year grand launch of the RF-7 III. It can describ as constantly challenging themselves. To achieve the classic boutique triple jump.

Klipsch RF-7 III

Comprehensive upgrade from the inside out

Newly designed tweeter

Klipsch design a new tweeter for the RF-7 III. That including a 1.75″ titanium film compression drive unit and a phase plug with it. This design improves the phase consistency of the tweeter and the horn throat. Thus, It improve the high frequency. The sound pressure is linear.

Klipsch tweeter

Updated horn unit

In order to enhanc sound field and dynamic sound. The newly design Tractrix horn equip with a round horn hose. It square opening for better high frequency response and ductility.

The compression molded rubber structure adds high frequency damping. It reduces noise reduction to improve the detail of the sound. Produces the purest, natural sound effects.

Klipsch horn unit

Double cavity design

In addition,The new dual cavity design allows each 10″ unit and pilot hole to operate independently. This improves the linearity of the two unit systems. That can reduce the standing wave of the cabinet. It also can cause IF sound anomalies.

Klipsch Double cavity

Cast frame woofer design

However, Each 10” woofer unit features a heavy-duty cast aluminum frame for non-resonant effects. In addition, each woofer has a double-short-loop magnet structure designed to eliminate the noise. It can improve the cone generated by electromagnetic flow.

Klipsch Cast frame woofer

New Tractrix® Guide Hole

In other worlds, Thanks to the Tractrix geometry. The new Klipsch RF-7 III pilot hole gives the cabinet the most efficient airflow – the purest, strongest low frequency response on the market.

Klipsch New Tractrix® Guide Hole

American design, made in the USA

However, Design is the soul of the product. The excellent manufacturing process is the carrier on which the design depends.

In addition,Design and manufactur in the United States. The Klipsch RF-7 III is hand-crafted by artisans proud of the small town of Hope, Arkansas. As the founder Paul W. Klipsch (PWK) hoped.

American design RF-7 III

However, The Klipsch RF-7 III is a testament to Klipsch’s high requirements for all of its speaker products. It reveal a strong American flavor from the inside out.

Excellent detail processing

In addition,Each speaker affix with its own unique nameplate. That indicating the model, color, serial number, basic parameters and other information. As well as the signature and origin of the tester. It can be describ as a famous door, well documented.

RF-7 III Excellent detail processing

However, The Klipsch RF-7 III features a two-wire/double-amplifier terminal with a high-quality wiring port. That is durable and provides the first pass for sound transmission. Click here to check the Top 10 Speaker Wire with it.

RF-7 III high-quality wiring port

In addition,The cabinets of the RF-7III are all made of furniture-grade wood veneers. It available in black, cherry and walnut.

The cabinets of the RF-7III

Better acoustic performance

However, The RF III upgrad on the basis of RF II. The appearance is more stylish and elegant in line with contemporary aesthetics. Its acoustic performance has also improved.

RF III Better acoustic performance

Klipsch RF-7 III Floorstanding Speaker

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