Hope all things are fine.Today i will show you how to open a folder with keyboard shortcut.

The common questions is why us need to keyboard shortcut?

Because when you open a folder many time’s then it will take many time. It will save your time. :)Ok, Let’s go! First you need to create a shortcut on your desire folder. Then right click on your folder and click Create Shortcut.

If you have not understood then please follow my screen short.Suppose we want to create shortcut of Music Clips Folder.Click here to check How To Stop Windows Automatic Update (Elite Mode).

Then your created shortcut look like as bellow image

Now we created Shortcut of Music Clips folder. Now we create Keyboard Shortcut. Again right click on Music Clips Shortcut folder and Click Properties. Then you see like bellow images.

Then you need to create your shortcut key. See My screen short. 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed and learned somethings new. Thanks.

The keyboard shortcut uses the so-called shortcut key to complete a function command using a combination of one or a few keys on the keyboard,thereby achieving the purpose of improving the operation speed.

The above describes the use and function of the shortcut keys.I hope that computer shortcuts can provide users with a convenient online experience.Use the shortcut keys to use the computer more quickly.

Keyboard Shortcut

[F key]

F1 Windows helper

F2 file rename

F3 search file

F4 refresh page

F5 refresh website page

F6 switch

F8 shows the boot menu when starting the computer

F10 activates menus in Windows or programs

F4+Ctrl closes the current tab (window)

F6+Ctrl to switch windows by page open

F11+Ctrl hides or displays the menu bar as full screen

[Win key]

Windows turns on the computer “start” function

Windows+D returns to the desktop

Windows+M minimizes all windows of computer software

Windows+E to open computer files

Windows +Alt +F4 close Word software

Windows+L lock screen computer page

[Ctrl key]

Ctrl+A selects the current page content

Ctrl+C to copy the currently selected content

Ctrl+D to open the “Add Favorites” panel

Ctrl+E to open or close the “Search” sidebar

Ctrl+F to open the “Find” panel

Ctrl+G to turn the Easy Collection panel on or off

Ctrl+B text bold

Ctrl+H to open the “History” sidebar

Ctrl+I to open the “Favorites” sidebar

Ctrl+K turns off all tags except the current and locked tags

Ctrl+L to open the “Open” panel

Ctrl+N to create a new blank window

Ctrl+P to open the “Print” panel

Ctrl+Q opens the “Add to Filter List” panel

Ctrl+R to refresh the current page

Ctrl+S save

Ctrl+T tiles all windows vertically

Ctrl+V paste the contents of the current clipboard

Ctrl+W to close the current window

Ctrl+X cuts the current text content

Ctrl+Y returns to the previous step

Ctrl+Z undo the previous step

Ctrl+Shift+N to create a new “folder”

Ctrl+Tab small menu mode to switch labels down

[Shift key]

Shift+Del delete files directly

Shift+Del delete file

Shift+Ctrl switch input method

[Alt key]

Alt+Tab desktop program switch

Alt+F open file menu search

Alt+V opens the view menu

Alt+E edit menu

Alt+I insert menu

Alt+O opens the format menu

Alt+T opens the tool menu

Alt+A opens the Excel spreadsheet menu

Alt+W opens the window menu

Alt+H opens the help menu

How to Open A Folder With Keyboard Shortcut

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