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Best toaster is easy to make delicious bread at home. To choose the best toaster, the America and the British are competing to be the most demanding! Crispy, golden, warmed or almost charred – not to blame – toast lovers need a top-notch toaster.

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Especially in the english-speaking world. To think that the quality of this first meal is decisive for the rest of the day.

Why do we need to choose the toaster carefully?

There is a big difference between good and bad toasters on the market today. As in all areas of home appliances, the toaster is not devoid of evolution. It is time to discover all that it can offer.

Nowadays, people are increasingly pursuing the quality of life. Many friends want to buy a toaster to make bread as breakfast. It is not only hygienic and safe, but also very convenient. We can expect that the future holds surprises for us in toaster. And on the best toaster shopping guides, we conducted a little research to update our expectations and budget. You will see buyer guides after reading the product review.

Top 10 Best Toaster

In order to help you, Newbesttips has written this comparison of the 10 best toasters in terms of value. You will also find a complete purchasing guide that will cover other types of models. To introduce you to the characteristics and criteria that determine the quality of a toaster.Of course, we also have gadget recommendations for making coffee. Read more about Reusable K Cup. Let you have more exciting breakfast.

1. Oster13.5 x 9.4 x 9.1 inchesCheck More
2. Cuisinart16.2 x 8.8 x 8.5 inchesCheck More
3. CUSIBOX 4 Slice11 x 9 x 6.8 inchesCheck More
4. Russell Hobbs6.7 x 9.8 x 7.9 inchesCheck More
5. HOLIFE12.7 in * 7.9 in * 8.2 inCheck More

1. Oster – Inspire 2-Slice Toaster

Inspire 2-Slice Toaster

If you are looking for a toaster that is both modern and practical, this Oster model will please you. With a nice red stainless steel design that guarantees a place of choice in any kitchen and multiple functions. This toaster will be an ally for your breakfasts.

It has 2 slots of very large sizes. So that you can easily toast your slices of bread. Whether for thin slices or thicker pieces of bread, simply adjust the width of the mesh chambers to fit your slices. Once grilled, the toast comes out. You have an extra-elevation feature that allows you to grab the toast without getting burned.

You will have no problem even catching with your smallest pieces of bread.

To facilitate cleaning, we appreciate its integrated crumb collection. This removable drawer will collect all the crumbs. You only have to remove it to retrieve and empty them. Very convenient ! Another well thought out feature is the emergency stop button, which stops the grill immediately.

“Super grill bread. I use it every day. it is perfect ! Moreover it fits perfectly in my kitchen. I am delighted and recommend this product.”

It should be noted that Oster has a defrost function and a reheat function, which allow you to quickly have good bread available. We feel that the device was designed to meet the needs of those who have bread breakfast. Even if they have forgotten to defrost their wand the day before – quickly have bread wire rack.

It heats quickly with its power of 850 W. That takes no space (13.5 x 9.4 x 9.1 inches) and weighs just 3.5 pounds. In addition, with its 7 levels of toasting settings possible. It allows to adjust the quality of the toasted bread wanted. You prefer it very grilled? Still a little soft? Simply turn the dial to get the perfect cooking!

Apart from its thread a little short. This is a nice toaster offered at a reasonable price! Adding the cheese to your bread will make it taste better. To find out how to effectively control the amount of cheese.Please read our article about Cheese Grater.

What we like
  • Very nice design
  • The crumb tray
  • Double adjustable mesh slots
What we regret
  • The lead wire is too short

2. Cuisinart – Special Baguette Toaster

Special Baguette Toaster

Here is an elegant model of toaster. Specially designed for big eaters of toast. With a capacity equal to two long pieces of baguettes or four slices of bread. It will delight large families whose members will not have to wait their turn to enjoy their morning toast!

It is a nice stainless steel, measuring 16.2 x 8.8 x 8.5 inches for a weight of around 6 pounds. That will fit perfectly on a worktop in your kitchen.

But the Cuisinart is especially useful to use! Firstly, its large capacity makes it possible to simultaneously grill 2 slices of baguette, 2 long slices of country bread or 4 slices of bread. You can easily adjust the level of roasting desired. By choosing one of the 7 levels of heating available, you can also defrost frozen bread or heat some toast. With a power of 1500W, it grills very quickly for an almost instant tasting.

You will not have to salivate for a long time while the smell of toast spreads around the room
“Used by a senior, this toaster is convenient and easy to use.The chopsticks are well golden. Easy adjustment and quick stop button very convenient.”

It is fairly ergonomic with an immediate stop system. That allows you to stop the burnout at once. An extra high lift system to have no difficulty in recovering your toast. This avoids burning your fingers while trying to catch the toast. On the other hand, be careful not to touch the walls during use. Because they heat, which means that it must be kept out of the youngest. A concern for insulation that deserved to be solved.

Let’s finish with some of the cooler things in this Cuisinart toaster. Including its removable crumb tray that makes cleaning easy .

Overall, it is a good device. Convenient for those who like to grill something other than bread. You can make beautiful toast with all your favorite breads. At this price, you will not be disappointed.

What we like
  • large capacity
  • Good value for money
  • High power for reduced roasting time
What we regret
  • It is a bit wide

3. CUSIBOX 4 Slice – Stainless Steel Toaster

Stainless Steel Toaster

The CUSIBOX brand offers a model of large-size toaster. That is able to hold up to 4 slices of bread. In addition, the device has a grid to warm the pastries which will allow you to make full breakfasts easily!

In terms of design, this is not the most discreet toaster that we know. But it is not too big (with dimensions of 11 x 9 x 6.8 inches). Although it’s a little heavy (4.5 pounds).

Apart from the visual aspect of this device. It is features that interest us. On this side, there is only good! Already, it has a long automatic slot for 4 slices of bread to grill simultaneously. Which avoids making several batches at breakfast.

The result is perfect, with centralized browning even at low temperatures. You can set the level of roasting on a scale of 1 to 7. The device accepts all types of bread.

From bread to country bread and through bagels or sliced ​​bread.
“After much hesitation and many research. I decided to trust Amazon and choose this toaster. These are the numbers of stars that convinced me and the overall score of course. Perfect reception packaging! I’m glad to test it in this morning. Bread is easy to catch which was important to me. The slots are large enough to put something other than bread or sliced ​​bread that seems perfect.”

Where it stands out from the competition. It is by its support heating. This small grid to fix over the 2 slots of grating. That will be able to accomodate your croissants, breads with chocolate or other rolls. which will be thus hot and crispy at the time of tasting them. It’s better than in the microwave. That saves you from turning the oven !

It is a toaster that heats relatively quickly with a power of 1650 W. That has several well thought out elements. Its anti-slip feet allow it to be stable on your worktop. The cancel key allows you to stop the browning at any time. Its crumb tray facilitates the maintenance of the device. In addition, the walls hardly heat up. That avoids any risk of burns!

This toaster CUSIBOX brand sold at low price. Therefore, it is our favorites since it is as convenient as well thought out!

What we like
  • Slits are wide
  • Interesting price
  • Make up to 4 sandwiches at the same time
What we regret
  • A little heavy

4. Russell Hobbs – Retro Style Toaster

Retro Style Toaster

Russel Hobbs, it’s still little known on this side of the Channel. It is a benchmark brand in the United Kingdom. Since 2016, part of their range is aimed at a slightly different audience. Who not only looks for performance and variety of features when they choose an appliance. So they created products with retro design, interesting colors and a flawless finish. The Russel Hobbs guarantee is also the durability of the materials. With impeccable brushed stainless steel coverings. But does the look hide technical shortcomings? No, and that’s what we will demonstrate.

Technical characteristics

With 1300W of power, this toaster is the most powerful of our selection. Add to that the Fast Toast – British technology – which is a Russel Hobbs patent and which ensures. In this case, cooking in 1m30 watch in hand.

The finish leaves nothing to chance: the buttons are stainless steel. Even the setting of one of the 6 levels of gilding is elegant. Several small novelties are remarkable. For example, a small gauge displays the timer, with a mechanical balance design of the 30s. No surprises, we can track exactly how long it will take.

This toaster is not the smallest but it remains compact. Anyway, you will not want to hide it: with its beautiful red color, it will proudly stand in your kitchen. It measures 6.7 x 9.8 x 7.9 inches , which is close to the standard size.

Main duties

Russel Hobbs likes to play old retro models, and yet there is something new. The first function we’ll talk about is Lift’n Look. Literally, “Go back, look”. Without stopping the cooking process. You can press this button to control the color of the bread. And if necessary, stop it.

Like all products in our selection. They offer a smooth defrost function that respects the fiber of the bread. But as a bonus, we find the same system as on the Philips to warm the pastries.

In terms of cleaning, there is of course a crumb drawer. Its beautiful stainless steel finish makes it even easier to work.

What we like
  • Fine finish
  • Heater pastries
  • Defrosting program
What we regret
  • Price a bit high

5. HOLIFE – Very Good Daily Toaster

Very Good Daily Toaster

HOLIFE is the one of the safest and best-selling kitchen brands. The sustainability, quality and innovation of their products is no longer to be proven. Today, we will talk about the model. That is one of their latest toasts. It is in a classic price range. We can find the best toasters in terms of value for money.

Technical characteristics

With a power of 900W, this HOLIFE toaster has a lower power rating – the very good toasters. More expensive, between 1000 and 1500W. But make no mistake: the intelligence of designs allows some brands to reduce power consumption without losing any of their effectiveness.

In this case, the HOLIFE is a compact model. Larger machines may be suitable for larger or thick slices of bread. But need more energy to operate. For example, This toaster does not have slots wide enough for two slices. So it is not ideal for a small panini.

And with its small size (12.7 in * 7.9 in * 8.2 in). That will find its place in your kitchen without ever cluttering you.

Main duties

Seven intuitive thermostat levels allow you to program the timer and power of the toaster. Compared to entry-level products that are found everywhere. There is the appearance of a defrosting or reheating mode. This is particularly practical: it warms the bread without drying or grilling if it is already.

We appreciate the extra-high lift: the spring can be manually operated to raise the bread. We are sure to catch it without getting burned or touching the metal parts.

Of course, It is possible to turn off the toaster while driving. In short, we have three buttons, a thermostat, a spring: the essential is there, but not only.

For cleaning, nothing is simpler. Thanks to its elegant stainless steel finish. It is very easy to wash and have a real impression of cleanliness. A small crumb tray can empty it without putting it everywhere.

How to choose the best toaster for your kitchen?

The selection we have proposed here is not exhaustive. several criteria must be taken into account when buying your toaster. Like many everyday products, they seem innocuous until we look at their characteristics.

There, we discover that a toaster can take different forms. It offer more than you thought. We have defined for you the characteristics of the products. Today, Let’s take a look at what is happening in toaster!

What are the criteria to consider when choosing the best toaster?

Before you jump on the first price model of the store near you. Ask yourself the right questions. What kind of bread do you cook? Do you use it a lot? Do you prefer a specific model or a fast model? For large or small quantities of bread at a time? Here are a few things that you need to know. Before you do anything to better read and understand the features of the product you are going to buy.


First of all, you have to evaluate the place in your kitchen. The toaster is not an appliance that fits: once bought, it will sit there for a moment. If you want to use your toaster for family breakfasts. You will need to grill many slices. The size of the slots must be sufficient to accommodate 4 slices simultaneously. For example, The HOLIFE of we spoke previously.

Beyond the size of the slots, note that some brands have optimized the width of the device. This is the case of CUSIBOX. but also of Cuisinart. Who strived to produce thin toasters and easy to slide on the worktop. Russel Hobbs is a little less rectangular.


To make sure your sandwich bread is not going to get burned up. Take a look inside the device. If the resistances are very far apart, there is a chance that your bread will lean against the edge and not evenly grill. And there is nothing worse. If you want to keep the option of sliding larger pieces of bread into it. look for a model with a small extra metal grill that. Thanks to springs, keeps the bread in the middle, no matter what size.


Be careful, power is not an indication of speed or heating efficiency. However, below 1000W. There is a chance that the toaster will not be faster. Count at least 1300W for larger models such as CUSIBOX.

Energy optimization

Beyond the question of power, there is that of optimization. If your toaster offers 1800W power. But half is lost en route, the power criterion will not be very relevant. To make sure your toaster does not consume too much for nothing. You have to check two things. The first is that the model is well optimized for the number of slices. If you only use one side of the appliance – for a toaster designed for 4 slices for example – some of your bread will be overcooked. It will have consumed a lot of energy for nothing. The other point is thermal insulation. Models have this advantage will be sure to report it. They guarantee a cold outside wall. it means that the temperature is correctly maintained inside the appliance.

Lifetime and warranty

A toaster is not a device you want to change every six months. Especially if you’ve chosen a low-cost model. Do not hesitate to aim above 20 $ to benefit from durable and quality materials. Below this price, you expose yourself to the risk of having a fragile product that could quickly become defective.

Easy maintenance

The maintenance of toaster will be a determining factor for its longevity. You can not quite remove crumbs. For example, there is a risk that affects the quality of heating. A small drawer under the toaster is essential.

What features are really useful?

Purists will prefer an old-fashioned toaster. However, for a few more dollars. Even for the same price, some small options can make your toaster essential.

Function heats

It’s a plus if you forgot to eat your toast while it’s hot! Thanks to the warming function, the toaster turns on at low power to make it warm again without drying it.

Warms pastries

It often manifests as a small grill or metal rod that is placed over the toaster. By putting a croissant or a chocolate bun on it. You can heat it as if it were coming out of the oven of the bakery!


If you are a fan of deep-frozen bread, a defrost feature is highly recommended. Indeed, a toaster is much smaller than an oven. therefore, much more efficient without consuming too much energy. In a few minutes, you can get a perfectly thawed bread. Compared to 10 to 20 minutes in a traditional oven. In addition, some models grill the bread at the same time.

Crumb tray

We have already mentioned, it is essential to have a small drawer to remove crumbs. Besides the fact that it is painful, emptying toaster by turning. It is running the risk of jamming pieces of bread in the resistors. And damaging the device over time.

Lift Look

Other brands that Russel Hobbs allows to suspend cooking for a moment. To control the gilding of bread without having to start the process again. Until the glass toasters are really affordable, this function is almost essential.


Only Russel Hobbs presented this function in our selection. Yet to try to adopt it. For the most impatient of us. We often found ourselves waiting in front of the toaster without knowing when it will come out. Fortunately, the models equipped with a timer end the torture of Tantalum. Such a feature is rarely available on models under $ 30.

Extensible spring

Fed up with burning your fingers? Or risking one’s life looking for bread with a fork? This feature allow you to manually raise the basket much higher. Catch slices of bread without risking bad morning surprises.

Best Toaster

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