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An surveillance camera is an object that will help protect a place by filming and recording what happens there. With the latest surveillance camera, you can control what’s happening in your home from your smartphone or laotop(Please refer to the Best Laptop Under 500 article).

The first question about surveillance cameras: Who is using it?

There is a tendency to think that in a country like USA. Surveillance cameras are rarely used by individuals. Therefore, They are often used by professionals. That ensures the highest level of security in their workplace.

Authoritative media coverage, with nearly 2000 burglaries a day. We must pay attention: As long as there are malicious thieves, Our property will receive infringement at any time. So, Strengthening your own safety awareness is very important. At this point, installing a surveillance camera is very necessary for you and your family.

First, they have a deterrent side:If you have a video surveillance system installed at home, anyone who approaches a home will think twice before taking action. If the thief goes directly into the house, then the outdoor surveillance camera will record the thief in the video.Finally, the police will receive this information and arrest the thief in time.
Since outdoor surveillance cameras are so important, how should we choose them?

Once you buy inferior camera equipment. You will not only lose your property. And there is a big threat to the safety of your family.We don’t want camera equipment to appear any problem at critical times. Then we must eliminate the inferior products on the market.

Don’t worry,Newbesttips has evaluated 5 best outdoor surveillance cameras and created a complete shopping guide to help you make the best choice!Of course, we also have professional recommendation for dslr. If you have any questions, please read this article about Best DSLR Camera.

Our selection of 5 outdoor surveillance cameras from 2019

1. Wansview 1080P1080 PCheck More
2. Netatmo1080 PCheck More
3. Nest1080 PCheck More
4. Sricam720 PCheck More
5. Wansview 720P720 PCheck More

1. Wansview – Surveillance Camera – 1080p

Wansview Surveillance Camera 1080p

This camera is the higher version that we present to you in last. Wansview security camera has a HD resolution in 1920 x 1080P that allows it to offer an incredibly sharp image rendering.

It is possible to use a x4 zoom to find a detail or see precisely what is happening at home, without affecting the quality of the image. This finding is valid both day and night, as the night vision system in focus. It will be possible to monitor your home or workplace at any time.

This is the great strength of this model, and what makes it stand out from the 720P model. The image quality is incredibly smooth. You will have no trouble recognizing someone on a recording. It can be very useful in case of burglary or unintentional intrusions into your home.

To benefit from the qualities of Wansview camera, we must start by downloading the Wansview application. Once it is linked to the home network (cable or WIFI), you can monitor live what is happening outside. Whether you are in your room , or on vacation at the other end of the world. You will be able to keep an eye on your house. If you wish, you will even be able to download a program to view the camera images from a web browser. Such as Safari, Google or Firefox.

  1. Super HD 1080P video with H.264 video compression format, giving you clear and true sense of the living stream. No need to strain your eyes, keep relaxing.
  2. 6mm Lens provides 65 degree wide viewing angle which covers a large area of your house.
  3. IP 66 Waterproof camera shell and 36 IR LED night vision up to 60 feet which covers every corner of your home anytime even in the dark.
  4. Provide free Wansview App and PC software(Windows and Mac) and manufacturer DDNS for remote access.
  5. 2.0-2.5 onvif protocol and RTSP with excellent compatibitly with most of NVRs and third party software Blue iris and ispy and ZoneMinder.
  6. 24/7 continuous recording to your computer via Wansview PC software.Warn note: SD card recording is UNAVAILABLE on this camera.

You can also record these videos on your devices via the software provided in the box. That will be possible to keep all traces of unusual activities at home to use them late.

In addition, you will receive notifications on your smartphone for abnormal activity in the camera surveillance area. This is not an alarm system, but a method of prevention that allows you to react as quickly as possible: notify a neighbor, call the police … These notifications are also sent by email. The system seem very reliable because they arrive immediately!

However, this surveillance camera is the best quality / price ratio of this range. Accurate and resistant with aluminum finishes. It is also guaranteed 1 year.

What we like
  • Value for money
  • Recording and broadcasting images in 1080P
  • IP-66 certification that allows it to withstand bad weather
What we regret
  • Email notifications

2. Netatmo – Presence surveillance camera

Netatmo Presence surveillance camera

For an extremely accurate and easy-to-use surveillance camera, the Presence model from the Netatmo brand is a product of the highest quality.

With a discreet design, which can be confused with an outdoor lamp. this WIFI surveillance camera fits perfectly on the front of a house. It installs in the blink of an eye. That with easy-to-follow instructions and can replace garden lighting, as it has powerful built-in lighting. It will turn on in case of unwanted presence. But you can also activate it to welcome a loved one!

you’ll get great image quality with its 100 ° field of view, full HD 1080p display, and 4 megapixel video sensors. That will easily recognize the faces or license plates of any intruder, by viewing your images and videos via the application of the brand or on your PC. Note that it is possible, through this application to view images of multiple Presence camera if you install more in your garden.

This surveillance camera is very precise. Since it is able to differentiate animals, men, cars. It alerts you immediately by sending you a message indicating the nature of the detected motion. You will receive a notification mentioning “detected animal“, person detected … You will only have to click to take notice, in image of the scene which takes place in front of your door.

Features to note:
  • Variable intensity LED floodlight
  • Infrared night vision
  • Free backup of videos
  • Wireless
  • 100 ° field of view
  • Full HD 1080p video
  • 4 MP video sensor
  • Waterproof

The settings are used to define the alerts you want to receive. So, if you have a dog, you will not have to be disturbed as soon as it gets in front of the camera! Ditto for the area to be monitored, which can be chosen with precision. What you ensure an effective and personalized protection. This surveillance camera works both day and night, with its 12W LED floodlight. Its infrared function that can detect a presence up to 15 meters in night vision.

This surveillance camera Storage on SD card. But you can also link a free Dropbox account or a third-party application to keep your records easily. We appreciate the care taken in encrypting your personal data, so that your videos remain 100% private!

This camera is waterproof. So, there is no problem installing it outside even in an area where bad weather is common. It will last a long time and resist the pangs of time.

With a very precise motion sensor and ease of use. This Netatmo brand surveillance camera model is a technological gem that gives you the best protection for your home.

What we like
  • Full HD picture quality
  • The ease of installation
  • Extreme precision in motion detection
What we regret
  • The Wifi antenna a little weak

3.Nest – Cam Surveillance Camera

Nest Cam Surveillance Camera

If you’re looking for a small, unobtrusive, easy-to-use, and effective camera to monitor your home or business around the clock from anywhere, you should be interested in the NestCam security camera model.

Let’s start with its ultra easy installation. Since unlike models that run on battery, it only needs to be plugged in to start. The advantage is that will run continuously without ever discharging. But the negative point is that you must have an outlet of outside where you want to install it.

Once fixed, easily with an ingenious magnetic support system. That just have to orient it as you wish. We appreciate that it’s really simple !

This outdoor surveillance camera offers HD (1080p) quality image for a truly impressive rendering. Regardless of the medium in day and night, these sharpness images detail will impress you.

Night vision features keep your property at the highest level of security at all times. The x8 zoom does not detract from the quality of the images.

This night vision outdoor surveillance camera will film despite the rain or the cold. Since it is certified with an IP65 level, which allows it to work without worries with temperatures between -20 and 40 degrees.

So, you’ll have a 24/7 streaming video. And you’ll be able to monitor all that from your smartphone (via the Nest app). In case of movement or intrusion, you will immediately receive an alert on your mobile phone. This surveillance camera stands out: you have the opportunity to hear who is in front of you but also to talk to these people. The camera has indeed a functionality to speak / listen extremely practical.

Features to note:
  • Alerts of person
  • 1080p HD
  • 130 ° viewing angle
  • Night vision function
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 40 ° C
  • Continuous cloud recording for the last 10 or 30 days

This allows you to challenge a visitor. Ask him what he’s doing here, or make an intruder flee by the simple sound of your voice.

It must be pointed out that the camera’s detector is quite sensitive that one receives quite often alerts for an animal or a bird come to play too close to the small camera.

If this model of surveillance camera seems already quite complete as well, know that it is possible to make an ultra-advanced model by subscribing to Nest Aware(the video surveillance service of the brand).

You will have many more advanced options: a record of the last 10 to 30 days of activity (against only 3 hours for the free offer). the possibility of having excerpts per hour or accelerated views … This is not necessary for an individual. But a buyer who wants to use this model for business purposes will be delighted to be able to benefit from these rates.

If you want to acquire an ultra-complete model for professional use, modern and easy to use. this one is the best outdoor surveillance camera can surely satisfy to your needs.

What we like
  • Amazon Alexa compatible
  • A discreet and modern design
  • The quality of the breathtaking image
What we regret
  • A subscription is required to unlock all features

4. Sricam – surveillance camera

Sricam surveillance camera

This WIFI surveillance camera can be installed both indoors and outdoors.That making it a versatile model. Waterproof can make it will not be damaged if you put it outside. It can monitor the to garage, gate or your garden.

Indoors, it will allow you to remotely control what is happening at home. For that, its filmed 720p images will be sufficient to recognize a face or a suspicious intrusion. You will only need to connect this camera in WIFI. then access to the images via the application of the mark, but also via your PC or Mac.

Among the points that are particularly interesting about this surveillance camera. We have its 2-way audio system. This allows you to listen to voices that are near the device and thus monitor your child. For example, detect the presence of an intruder in your home. You will be able to speak and even shout from your control device. so that your voice can be heard through the microphone of this camera. That can be useful to scare a thief, but also to reassure an animal or to calm your child.

Features to note:
  • 360 ° viewing angle
  • IR night vision
  • 1080p HD
  • Communication possible using the built-in speaker and microphone

Apart from an ingenious vocal system, we like the 360 ° viewing angle of the camera. It allows you to record complete videos without blind spots. Better still, its infrared vision with 10 LEDS. These lights are not intrusive. Whether you have placed outdoors or indoors, the camera will not interfere during the night. Its range in night vision is 8 meters. That allows you to keep your home under control at any time.

You will be able to record specific moments, but also to receive notifications as soon as a movement is detected. Then you will connect to the camera. That will have the opportunity to move its lens to 360 °. Very intuitive, the handling via the application is perfect.Sometimes, we prefer a little sharper images and hope that Wifi stability is better. indeed, it is not stable to connect 4-5 devices at the same time.

Lightweight and easily installable. Even install on the ceiling or a wall if you wish (it is especially useful outside). This surveillance camera brand Sricam enjoys a value for money.

If you are looking for a low-cost model that can provide security of mind both outside and inside, then this Sricam surveillance camera will satisfy you.

What we like
  • Its neat design
  • Recording videos in 1080p
  • No subscription required to keep track of your videos
What we regret
  • Not compatible with the Apple Home Kit

5. Wansview – Surveillance Camera – 720p

Wansview Surveillance Camera 720p

Wansview brand surveillance camera with the high quality for optimal results day and night at any time. That support films in high definition at 30 frames / sec. With a resolution of 1280 * 720 pixels, you will get an HD rendering on all media from which you control the house.

Moreover, it has a night mode that allows you to easily view what happens on your screens. Thanks to an effective 36 LED night vision system . This is a ideal for your garden or garage.

This outdoor surveillance camera focuses on imaking users the easiest way to use. because the user manual is relatively clear That install quickly without major difficulty. You can choose between a wired installation via an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi connection. For the latter solution, simply install the Wansview application and follow the instructions to connect the new camera.

Once done, you will have direct access from your mobile phone, tablet or computer to the images filmed by the camera. The recording is done 24 hours a day and the images will be saved on your PC via the supplied software. After configuration, It is even possible to control the images of your camera from a web browser. Such as Google or Safari, for access from any place!

Features to note:
  • Full HD 720p
  • Infrared night vision – 36 leds
  • 12 months warranty
  • Frame rate up to 30fps
  • Waterproof IP 66
  • X4 digital zoom in camera mode
  • Waterproof

It’s easy to know what’s happening at home, no matter where you are. The quality of the images makes perfect sense, as HD allows precise identification of a face. If it is to be used as evidence, it will be so effective.

In addition, if the camera detects an intrusion or a suspicious movement, you will be notified by email! Convenient to call the police as soon as possible!

Among the little appreciable details of this Wansview IP 720P outdoor camera model. It is worth mentioning that this security camera is waterproof (IP66 certification). For a model designed to stay outdoors, it is a commendable quality. That ensures the camera will not be damaged by rain, dust or moisture. It will continue to film well during inclement weather.

Simple to use, not expensive at all and effective. We have one of the best outdoor surveillance camera in this range. Designed for private use at the base, it can take place without difficulty in small businesses.

What we like
  • Easy installation and use
  • HD quality of the video
  • Wifi or cable connection
What we regret
  • Registration is done on PC

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Outdoor Surveillance Camera

After taking knowledge of the products above. It’s time to understand how to choose the best outdoor surveillance camera to equip your home or workplace. Here we have a list of overriding criteria that you will need to consider to make the best choice.

The model

There are different types of surveillance cameras, since they evolve along with technological advances.

The oldest models are analog surveillance cameras, which record what they are filming on VHS. On the one hand, This medium tends to disappear. But it is especially lacking the quality of the recordings. Sometimes, It is difficult to distinguish the forms on the screen.

The most recent cameras which we have reviewed are part of this category – IP surveillance cameras. They are connected to computer systems and the internet. That allow you to record high quality images, keep them and watch them live even if you are miles away.

For this, they use WIFI waves and Internet network, as well as applications allowing a permanent connection to your mobile devices (smartphone, tablets, etc.). These are the most efficient models on the market. Because they convenient install and continuous monitoring .

Define its use

To choose the camera, you have to define its use. Is it just to keep an eye on your family? Is it about protecting your home against potential intrusions and burglaries? Will these cameras be used at home or at your workplace?

Once you have answered these questions, you will be able to choose the best outdoor surveillance camera for you. Indeed, some cameras will only film and notify you of a presence (by message with / without picture).

The quality of the image and sound

This is one of the most important data that you need to consider. If you have a camera whose images are unusable, it will be useless.

We must be attentive to the proposed resolution, with a standard HD (High Definition) strongly recommended. Preferably choose the models that shoot in 720P (at least) or 1080P.

This will allow you to have sharp, accurate images when you zoom in.

When you watch a place, the details are very important. Especially in case of burglary!

Easy installation and handling

For home user, we advise you to focus on cameras that install and connect easily.

Now, There are plug and play that facilitate installation. Some simple models to implement with a download of an application that will detect the camera, and that will allow you to configure it.

Then, a good security camera must be easy to manipulate. You must be able to quickly view live images or recordings from any location. For this, it is necessary that the applications and software which accompany the chosen camera is efficient.

In addition, we appreciate the cameras that can store records for several weeks. So, you can use them when you want.

The authorized field of view

Remember to check the range of the surveillance camera and the authorized field of view. Imagine wanting to monitor the front door of your garage, with a camera placed on the entrance wall of your house. The camera must be able to film up to this distance for day and night.

Some models deliver amazing results at night. That with an elaborate night vision system. In addition, wide-angle cameras can monitor larger areas. We especially recommend them to those who want to control a garden or parking lot.

Power consumption

Finally, a camera will be connected 24/7. Which means it will consume energy permanently. By opting for an energy-consuming product, you could have a bad surprise at the end of the year on your bill.

But manufacturers aware of this consumption and more present the ecological challenge every day. Now, offer models with very low consumption with ingenious systems. Such as POE, which uses the power of your internet box to power the camera.

Best Surveillance Camera

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