The article for everyone is about the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Have you ever used Samsung Galaxy S9 for friends? Ok, the Samsung Galaxy S9 nonsense ends here, let’s take a look at Newbesttips.

Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy Note 9. Only Samsung’s mobile phone series offers three great high-end options for you to savor, which doesn’t even include other great Android phones and iPhones. So where do you start?

samsung galaxy s9 review

I want to tell you simply, the best phones with a slightly higher price.


Release date: March 2018 | Weight: 189 g | Size: 158.1 x 73.8 x 8.5mm | Operating system: Android Oreo | Screen size: 6.2 inches | Resolution: 1440 x 2960 | CPU: Snapdragon 845 / Exynos 9810 | 6GB | Storage: 64GB / 128GB | Battery: 3,500mAh | Rear camera: Dual 12MP | Front camera: 8MP

Galaxy S9: If you want to spend the least amount of money, if you like a smaller phone, if you don’t plan to take a photo, then buy this.

Galaxy Note 9: It has the longest battery life, twice the size of the other two. Its camera can be automatically adjusted to suit your scene, but with the same lens. Note 9 is also equipped with an S-type stylus, which sells for hundreds of dollars more than Note 9.

Galaxy S9 Plus: Essentially, Note 9 has a slightly smaller battery, only half the storage space, no S pen, but it has the same fast processor, screen size and dual camera. You can also use microSD cards to expand your storage capacity. Its price is between Note 9 and Galaxy S9.

samsung galaxy s9 plus review

By giving the Galaxy S9 a rear camera, a larger Galaxy S9 with two rear cameras, and a Galaxy Note 9 dual camera plus a digital stylus, Samsung can prove that the three-tier price matches each phone. The function. If you want to choose between S9 and S9 Plus, Plus is a “better” phone. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the second best phone you can buy today, suitable for those who don’t use it. Man with stylus. It’s a little cheaper than Note 9, it’s a large phone with a large screen, top-of-the-line camera and battery life throughout the day.

This is one of the best Samsung phones you can buy in the US if you are willing to pay the price and have a big enough hand because of its large size. If you can’t choose between the two, senior users who don’t want Note 9 should choose it. I like bigger batteries and the ability to take pictures when you want to take pictures. You can’t always predict when those moments will appear. Unfortunately, despite the addition of a second telephoto lens to Plus, the main camera overcomes the shortcomings of the S9’s dual-aperture lens: in low light conditions, it tends to overexpose photos, and they don’t So sharp, especially when you or your subject moves. That is to say, photo quality is an open explanation, which is an excellent resource compared to top cameras.

samsung galaxy s9+ review

Note 9, S9 and S9 Plus have other changes in size, weight, battery life and RAM, but the core functions are the same, including a 12-megapixel dual-aperture camera (dual-aperture camera debut on the Galaxy S9 phone) ). Camera: Low light scene with Galaxy S9 Plus dual lens, double aperture can not match. It scales well in dark environments without increasing the noise you see on other camera phones. It does smooth the texture throughout the process, but it’s comparable to Google Pixel 2 and sometimes even better. With the upcoming launch of Google Pixel 3 and Apple’s 2018 iPhone, waiting is wise. If you can continue for a few more months, Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S10 in 2019. The phone may include an on-screen fingerprint reader and other good things for the 10th anniversary phone.

What advantages does the Galaxy S9 Plus have over the S9?

Let’s take a look at the differences between the two phones.

Vertical screen mode

You can take a photo with a 12 megapixel telephoto lens, but 99 of 100 times you will want its portrait mode. Like the Galaxy Note 9, the S9 Plus’s portrait mode application is also known as Live Focus. You will have sliders to control your blur strength and “skin tone”, which was once called “beauty mode”.

review of samsung galaxy s9

Samsung’s portrait mode lags behind the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus in lighting effects. These phones allow you to tune the shades of the light from natural to dramatic. But Samsung’s portrait mode is unique in that you can adjust the blur effect as an edit after taking a photo. You can also switch between depth of field images (close-ups) and unblurred wide-angle images.

Screen: Its 6.2-inch Super AMOLED display really sells this phone, not because its pixels are more than before (it doesn’t) than last year’s S8. It has futuristic-style curved edges, vibrant colors and high contrast that make the screen popular. Once you hold this large and beautiful beam, it’s hard to go back to any other size. The shooting process may not be as dramatic as the iPhone X, but I really like its usefulness. You can still apply more than a dozen filters in your photo editor.

Larger screen size

The Galaxy S9 Plus has the advantage of a larger 6.2-inch screen, which gives you more room to watch the media and interact with the content on the screen. A larger screen allows your fingers to stretch longer. I think the S9 is generally more comfortable, but Samsung added a higher, narrower size to the Galaxy S8 that was introduced last year.

review samsung galaxy s9

Larger battery

Like last year’s models, the S9 Plus has a higher battery capacity than the S9:3500 mAh (3000 mAh). Battery life: Samsung’s 3,500mAh battery is large enough to last a whole day. It is better than the normal size S9, but currently other phones outside China can reach up to 5,000mAh. This is an area that seems to be enough for this phone, not the Plus size. Fortunately, it supports Samsung’s very fast fast charging standard. The S9 Plus performed two loop video tests in flight mode with an average time of less than 17 hours. This is actually one hour less than the average of the Galaxy S8 plus 18 hours last year, so we will continue to test and update these results on other devices .

So far, in our tests, S9 Plus has been at least 3 hours longer than my Galaxy S9 review unit, but the test is still going on. If future tests show improvements, I will update this review.

In the real world, the Galaxy S9 Plus has been in use for a whole day. During the test, I have been using the phone ruthlessly. I always feel that I have enough batteries to use from morning till night, but it may not be late at night. If you plan to stay until midnight, then filling it up before you leave will make you feel more comfortable. Despite this, the S9 Plus charges very fast, in the case of a power outage, it can be transferred from empty to full in 1 hour and 40 minutes, even if it is 30 minutes of fast charging.

Is the Galaxy S9 Plus worth this extra price?

If you like the big screen and don’t want to be left behind by portrait photography, then the Galaxy S9 Plus is the obvious choice between you and the Galaxy S9.

As a larger, more advanced Galaxy S9 phone, the S9 Plus¬† priced higher than the regular S9. The Galaxy S9 Plus is Samsung’s answer to the iPhone X, but it’s better in several ways. It also features stereo speakers, face unlocking, AR emoticons and a vertically stacked 12MP dual camera. What is better? It’s better for low-light photos.

samsung galaxy s9 note review

3.5mm headphone jacks and a larger 6.2-inch curved full-screen display – no gaps. No one else has this combination right now. Prices vary by retailer and currency, but for example, the price of the Galaxy S9 Plus is about $130 higher than when the S9 went public in the US. Prices have also declined since the release of Note 9, so please contact your local retailer. If you want to curb your spending, S9 Plus is not suitable for purchase. After two years with this phone, you won’t pay a higher price for this phone than the Galaxy S9.

In terms of core features such as screen quality, general photography, battery life and speed, it is either level with iPhone X or exceeds Apple’s best phone. But the iPhone X is inferior to the S9 Plus when it comes to face recognition (the iris scan works better than Samsung’s smart scan) and animejis (compared to the AR emoji).

Best Samsung Galaxy S9

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