I like coffee reusable k cup.realy like coffee. I like coffee. Okay, reusable k cup here is a fact that is now clear! Now that you understand my love for coffee, let’s get down to reusable k cup business …

You make your coffee at home, but sometimes you are disappointed with the results? It may be because you are missing some tips for having the best coffee filter at home! [Here I’m talking about filter coffee, the one you make for the morning and you usually drink cold.

1.Reusable K Cups For Keurig 2.0 & 1.0 Brewers Universal Fit

Look at the date.There is an expiration date on coffee (or roasting), did you know it? And at the grocery store, you probably buy coffee that is not really very fresh anymore …

Always look at the date to buy the freshest coffee possible!

Buy grain and not ground coffee.Another question of freshness here … Equip yourself with a good grinder that can make more than one size of grind and prepare your coffee not too early for maximum flavor and freshness.

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2.Universal Refillable KCups, Keurig filter, Reusable kcup

Look at the source.I like to buy coffee that has been roasted in Canada. I have a simple reasoning that the sooner the coffee comes, the cooler it will be!

[This is not always the case, we must still look at the dates, remember!] Sometimes the information is difficult to locate on the package, assume that it does not come from Canada in this case.

Experiment, find what YOU like.Coffee is coffee? Oh no! There are so many variations in coffee! Yes, we think of coffee first versus coffee softer, but that’s not all.

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3.Keurig My K-Cup Universal Reusable Ground Coffee Filter

Look at the label and description of the coffee. Familiarize yourself with the terms that are used for the cafes you like.

The machine can have an impact also.The first four points are related to coffee.

it just wants you to realize one thing: your machine MAY have an impact …

but that’s usually not the first thing to check. There are differences from one machine to another.

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4.4 Pack Reusable Gold Plated Mesh Coffee

such as the flow of water and the time spent in coffee. Depending on the machines, you also need to adjust the amount of coffee to use for X number of cups. It’s really important to check, that too, it can change everything.

Finally, filter coffee makers will not necessarily offer the same coffee temperature. The standard is around 92C ( source ), but not all machines go to this temperature and it is also a matter of taste. [It’s too hot for me to be honest …]It is important to do tests to know what are our own tastes because in the end, coffee is for us!

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5.4 Permanent Coffee Filters for Keurig B30

Paper filter or permanent filter: which one to choose?You have chosen your coffee and your grind. The cheese grater water is ready and quivering. All you have left is an indispensable element: the filter.

How to enjoy a good filter coffee with preserved flavors? Paper filter or permanent filter, you hesitate? Explanations point by point.Of all the subjects.The white paper filter is the first of all coffee filters.

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6.LivingAid Reusable K Cup Coffee Stainless Mesh

Traditionally, it is made of high density crepe paper, which leaves virtually no particles and thus gives the coffee a very pure aroma.

There is a brown paper version, made from more natural plant materials.

The permanent filter is made of nylon thread. His weaving can not be as fine as that of paper, it lets pass some insoluble elements.

Filter coffee lovers who love their permanent filter are turning more and more towards gold wire meshes for their longevity.

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7.Keurig 5048 My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter

It’s a bit more expensive, but less than a ring!

Note that there are also stainless steel filters, recommended for soft-extracting coffee makers.

Let’s talk about taste.Some paper filters can give your coffee a taste of paper.

For many palates, it is imperceptible.

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8.MaxBrew 24K GOLD K-Cup Reusable Filter

but the coffee-maniacs advise to rinse at least twice the filter before depositing your coffee.

The result  ? A very pure nectar, brilliant, with a great aromatic clarity because it retains all the oils of coffee.

With a permanent nylon filter you will get a more cloudy coffee.

A coffee with more texture and more body and in which there may be some deposits in the bottom of your cup.

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9.Disposable Filters for Use in Keurig Brewers

Metallic filters, on the other hand, let in even more substances and offer a more aromatic and richer coffee.

and talk!The advantage of the paper filter is that it is disposable!

No cleaning, your coffee maker stays clean. You change filters with each new coffee. It’s simple and practical.

The permanent filter goes in the direction of sustainable development since it cleans itself after each use.

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10.8 Reusable Keurig Single K Cup 2.0

The difficulty of cleaning is all relative.

It lasts much less than your usual dishes.And the price in all this?

In terms of cost, it’s all about the point of view. The paper filter is cheap.

but you will buy a lot if you like coffee as much as we do. As for the permanent, whatever its subject.

it costs more, but it is a form of long-term investment.To summarize, between filter paper or permanent filter, our heart swings and leaves the choice to our palate!

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