Led Flame Bulb
Led flame bulb can be tricky—some are very specific while others adjust on a wide scale to be used by a lot of different types of people for a lot of different purposes.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, or a long-time home improvement enthusiasts looking for a new model to replace that old and beat-up Led flame bulb, you’re in the right place.

It’s tough to try and find the best led flame bulb on the marketplace because there’s so much information out there. Are the higher priced flame bulb worth the investment? Are there any cheap flame bulb that are recommended for home decor lovers?

What about accessories, upside down flame bulbs, warranties, and plain old things you can’t see from an ad campaign?

Our buyers’ guide is here to help. We’re going to guide you through complete reviews of our 10 favorite led flame bulbs and make sure you feel comfortable in the buying process with all the information you need.

There are a few important factors you want to keep in mind when looking over led flame bulb reviews.

While quality is obviously important, sizing and fidelity matters just as much. You’ll struggle to install a led flame bulb that doesn’t fit your base size.

You also need to be concerned about led flame bulb weight and length.

These factors are some of the main ones that could ruin your led flame bulb experience right off the bat.

The next factor is use—are you planning on using this flame bulb for a high-quality party experience or simply looking to get your couple started in a romantic mood? Our reviews go into detail, so that you can make a purchasing decision that is right for you.

Another big factor in purchasing a fairly big item like a led flame bulb is price and affordability. If you’re going to spend more, you want to be sure you’re buying a reliable product, and our guide should help you do that.

TOP 10 Led Flame Bulb

NameScoreMore Detail
1.4 Modes with Upside Down Effect10/10Check Info
2.LED Flame Effect Light Bulb9/10Check Info
3.E12 Flame Bulb LED Candelabra Light Bulbs9/10Check Info
4.(2 Pack) Golspark LED Flame Effect Light Bulb1010Check Info
5.LED Flame Effect Light Bulb 5W 1300K Flame LED Bulbs9/10Check Info
6.LEDERA Flame Light Bulb (4 Pack)9/10Check Info
7.Flame Tip LED Filament Bulb E12 Candelabra Base9/10Check Info
8.DILISENS LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs-Newest Upgraded 4 Modes8/10Check Info
9.LED Flicker Flame Effect Bulb - Fire Light9/10Check Info
10.Gold Armour Solar Lights Outdoor Upgraded7/10Check Info

1.4 Modes with Upside Down Effect

Flame Led Bulb

4 Modes with Upside Down Effect Led Flame Bulb
CPPSLEE is an amazing starter flame bulb recommended highly for festival.

There is only E26 Base requirement here, so no matter how old you are or what kind of home style you are, you can use this led flame bulb.

The best thing this CPPSLEE provides is that you’re ready to shoot right out of the box. It’s one of the best led flame bulb combinations, especially for people who like to party.

While being ready to photo is great, it doesn’t matter if your flame bulb doesn’t open. The CPPSLEE is made from nice materials and should hold up over time.


Probably the biggest feature that the CPPSLEE offers is the safety certification. It’s used by home users all across the country, and if you want to be a part of that, this is a led flame bulb that is going to make your family feel very comfortable.

The Instruction manual gives you some lamp parameter on top of the basic CPPSLEE. You’ll receive the following:

  • 4 MODES: It has flame emulation mode,breathing mode,general light mode and gravity induced mode.When you turn on/turn off the bulb,you can see that the mode will be changed.CPPSLEE Flame Bulb type fit all your standard E26 hold-screws, fire down bulb fit your down hold-screws, fire up bulb fit the up hold-screws,both are safe,green energy saving and excellent heat dissipation.
  • SAFE & GREEN ENERGY SAVING:CPPSLEE flame lamp simulates natural flame, flickering flame light bulbs, no open flame, no UV and infrared radiation.The input voltage is AC90-265v and the power is 1.8W.Save 90% of electricity from traditional flame bulbs, save electricity and save money.

CPPSLEE wants anyone to be able to use this led flame bulb, and I believe that holds up fairly well. It’s a very adjustable flame bulb.

This is just a household led flame bulb, so it’s not meant to be used for any kind of cave exploration lighting.

Tips: Install this bulb in an opal, salt Lamp, frosted glass shade fixture to get better flickering flame effect.


  1. It have to be used in rated voltage.
  2. Can not be used as emergency light.
  3. Please noted that the fire flame bulbs is non-waterproof.
  4. To be safe when installing and changing lamp, disconnect the electricity first.
  • Super advanced light
  • However,Excellent light separation
  • But Service life

2.LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

Led Flame Light Bulb

LED Flame Effect Light Bulb
If you can’t tell from the name, the HUDSON LIGHTING is meant for professional crowd.

Watch as the orientation of the simulated flame effect changes when you flip the bulb — it always “burns” upright just like an actual flame!

The HUDSON a pretty well-made flame bulb. It is 1 Pack flame bulb only, though, so keep that in mind when ordering.

The whole flame bulb really has been designed to fit younger visual effects, and that fit should be cool for most of them.

The best use of this led flame bulb would probably serve more like a trial to see if your child has a very strong interest in unique ambiance or is just kicking the tires a bit. Once they see the effect of this light, you should be able to see if they want to pursue this as a more serious hobby.


The HUDSON is a great led flame bulb for home user just starting out, and so the features of this flame bulb are all geared towards lighting design enthusiast.

  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Manufactured to last with energy-saving LED technology, our LED Flame Bulb only uses 3 watts of power and keeps more money in your pocket!
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Flicker flame light bulb creates a unique look by emitting a realistic flame effect and casting a warm, inviting glow.
  • BEST USE: Our Fire Light Bulb features a standard-sized E26 base which is suited for most lighting fixtures both indoors and outdoors.
  • AUTO-ROTATION: Watch as the flame effect on these flickering light bulbs flips to match the orientation of the bulb.
“Very cool concept. It really does look like lighting from a small fire – but without the hazard ;)This bulb adds a very different and unique ambiance to any room. Our kids thought it was so cool and were trying to figure out how it can flicker like that!”

It’s not an expensive flame bulb, so this setup does not have to be too extensive as you try it out and see how your child likes the flame bulb. This is probably the best budget led flame bulb out there for children.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive first “trial run” led flame bulb, this is probably the one for many home users to use.

You need to set your expectations to what this flame bulb offers—it’s a cheap “first” flame bulb and can be used multiple times.

  • Better style design
  • Improved light separation
  • However,Hold light recycling function
  • But Lamp product upgrade problem

3.E12 Flame Bulb LED Candelabra Light Bulbs

Led Flame Effect Light Bulb

E12 Flame Bulb LED Candelabra Light Bulbs

YEAHBEER has a well-priced entry that mixes affordability with quality and leads to a very high review.

The flame tip is 6 Pack. This is considered an cost-effective led flame bulb, and most should be able to install this flame bulb without any kind of problem at that level of diy.


As this flame bulb mixes affordability with quality, it has some great features to offer:

  • VINTAGE DESIGN – Based on the classic edison filament bulbs and provides a distinctive quality to your home lighting that you can enjoy while also remaining eco-friendly.
  • Easy Installation: Candle Light bulb with standard E12 screw base. Install into all E12 screw base fixtures in seconds without tools.light source. Atmosphere lighting, holiday gifts and family holidays, gatherings, this decorative light bulb is essential for every household. Decorative bulb, warm flame colors decorate your space and give you a quiet, romantic and relaxing moment.
  • 100% SAFE & GREEN ENERGY SAVING: Excellent heat dissipation and environmental protect, no harmful substances, no UV and infrared radiation. The input voltage is AC 100-240V and the power is 1.2W.

At the price range, this 8-35 $ led flame bulb is quite affordable. Designer, or even home users who are starting out, could find a lot of value in this flame bulb.

Vintage design aren’t appropriate for someone who is going to Install a modern style; however, if you can mix match you may want to pick a few vintage led flame bulb as extra space embellishments.

The flexibility are really key here. You can use this flame bulb even as retro party who wants a quality flame bulb.

It’s a led flame bulb that has a lot of value, in my opinion.

As an affordable entry in the flame bulb arena, YEAHBEER does a pretty good job here.

Many people online have said that this led flame bulb works as a nice “back-up” or “guest” bow, one that’s being used as an extra but still gives a solid feel and experience.

I like that idea, because then you also may have more flame bulb accessories that are a bit more solid to add to this led flame bulb’s experience.

Overall, if it’s your first flame bulb, I wouldn’t be scared off by it; it’s a nice flame bulb to try and learn about yourself and get some experience as an interior designer.
  • The bulb can be embedded in a small mouth
  • However,Great red light style design
  • But Inhumanity in terms of light exposure

4.(2 Pack) Golspark LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

Flame Effect Led Bulb

(2 Pack) Golspark LED Flame Effect Light Bulb
The GOLSPARK is one of the most popular led flame bulb on the market.

There’s a reason for that, as GOLSPARK is extremely talented when it comes to making the top led flame bulb out there.

You can tell that this is a really high-quality 2 package because of the nice features that have a higher quality than some of the entry-level offerings in the industry.

The GOLSPARK is actually a very forgiving led flame bulb, and that’s great for starters who need to feel that confidence in their Interior design.

They say that “anyone” can install this flame bulb, but that tends to be true due to the fact that suitable for two bases(E26,E27) without a problem. I can’t state enough how impressive that is.


The GOLSPARK really has a lot going for it to give you everything you need for an awesome experience.

  • 4 MODES – Flame emulation, Full Brilliance,Breathing and gravity induced mode.
  • ATMOSPHERE MAKER – The flame is very realistic that provide you a quite romantic and relax atmosphere. Full of Vintage atmosphere for decorating your home.
  • SAFE & ECO FRIENDLY – They are the closest things to gas lights without the cost! No any hot, No UV and infrared radiation. Protect your family from lead in your home.

The GOLSPARK led flame bulb is an awesome offering into the flame bulb marketplace.

Especially useful for those who are going to have varied levels of interior design experience, you get a lot of value when it comes to this purchase.

I like that the led flame bulb has a smooth case and can make the effect very realistic at the same time. As mentioned, it only 8 ounces so you can easy to put this led flame bulb to anywhere if needed.

The GOLSPARK on the list of best flame bulb in my opinion. The LED flame light bulb shows a very good simulation of an actual flame. There appear to be a lobe of the flame inside the frosted bulb body. From about 10 ft and onwards of viewing distance. the flame looks very realistic !

If you’re thinking about doing some party preparation, I’d recommend checking out this review of the best speaker wire to enhance your party experience.

  • Very convenient to operate and install
  • However,The light distance is a little stronger
  • But Lamp life is not the best

5.LED Flame Effect Light Bulb 5W 1300K Flame LED Bulbs

Led Flame Effect Bulb

LED Flame Effect Light Bulb 5W 1300K Flame LED Bulbs
The LUXON(interesting name) is a compact led flame bulb that makes it good for both Halloween and Home.

This is a very affordable flame bulb, and I like what LUXON has to offer here.

The LUXON does do a good job with where it’s at in the marketplace. It may not be quite as cheap or quite as quality as some people will go for.

I do believe that, at the outdoor light bulbs has lifespan up to 50,000 hours, it would be one of the best flame bulb for Halloween because of its 1 year warranty.


Still looking for special decorative light? Choose this 1300k fire light bulb, its orange warm flame color can provide you a quite romantic and relax atmosphere without the danger of using open flame. Perfect for Halloween, parties, indoor and outdoor decoration.

  • 3 MODES FLAME LIGHT BULB — LED flame light bulb contains Fire flickering mode, breathing mode and stable lightning mode, these modes can be easily changed when you turn on/ turn off the light bulb.
  • VIVID FLAME FLICKER EFFECT — Flicker flame light bulb can offer you fire flicking effect by controlling the lamp beads in circuit board which likes there’s a real fire from the bottom to the top of the bulb. Besides, flickering light bulbs contains gravity sensor can let it have upside down effect.
  • LOW-HEAT & LONG LIFESPAN — Flame led bulb made by flame-retardant PC lampshade, with air vents on both top and bottom, it has good heat-dissipation performance.LED flame bulb has 50,000h lifespan, no more hassle with frequently replacing your light bulbs.

Usually, buyers either need something that is very cost effective, or they want to go for something top of the line, as they are very serious about their hobby.

Overall, what you have here is a compact bulb that is a great flame bulb, especially for home usrer . Honestly, I could see this being the best flame bulb for bar party.

While it won’t receive my highest ranking, if this fits your needs, you may think it’s great !

  • Amazing light range
  • However,Superb product design
  • But Operational installation problem

6.LEDERA Flame Light Bulb (4 Pack)

Best Led Flame Bulb

LEDERA Flame Light Bulb (4 Pack)

LEDERA is back, one of the heavyweights in the industry, with their “Attitude” bulb For those fierce with attitude, this flame bulb clearly should appeal to you.

The style is downright awesome, and this is a flame bulb that features a lot of Pack(4).

The LEDERA is advertised as an “1300KEC” package which stands for “1300K Emulation Candelabra”. Let’s dive in and see if we feel that this LED flame bulb truly is ready to roll.

Please Note:

For better decorative effect. Please install the lamp into frosty glass fixture.Don’t keep the light continuous working more than 8 hours, or it will be not good for the lifetime of the lamp.

As far as the flame bulb goes, the E12 candelabra base on this flame bulb is for AC 100-265V only;it’s 5.4 ounces.

For better flame flickering effect, try the bulb in a frosted glass shade, lantern or salt lamp.


This LEDERA offering is a very high-quality led flame bulb. The price is up there, but you’re definitely getting some bang for your buck.

  • Energy-Saving: Less power-consuming LED light source, save your energy bill, perfect replacement of oil lamps lanterns. Decorate your space with its orange warm color, give you a peaceful, romantic and relaxing moment.
  • Realistic Flame Effect: Most authentic imitation flame flame bulb.Then the artificial vivid fire,Dynamic moving flame,Simulate nature fire flicker flame, but no risk of open fire.
  • Application: Home decoration, bedroom, living room, bars, hotels, nightclubs, outdoor garden, restaurant, cafe, villas, wedding decorations, parties, churches, castles and so on.
  • Warranty: Long lifespan and 1 year warranty.
4 Pack is ideal for making a variety of effects outdoors.

While it’s very specific, you’re getting a lot of power here that could be used for even the cold winter night. If you’re simply looking for a warm light, this should be more than adequate.

The price isn’t a deal breaker, and even though it’s a premium product, I could see a lot of serious interior designer enjoying this led flame bulb Specially, those who need a new flame bulb now, because that “Romantic evening” claim is going to appeal to someone who doesn’t want to go to the store.

This package from LEDERA is an RTS deal which includes 4 high-quality led flame bulb that are going to give you a quality experience straight out of the box.

It’s probably not a great bulb to buy if you’re just starting out or don’t know what you want. Highly realistic effects and easy installation make it suitable for anyone with no installation experience.however,You don’t want to be simply and easily complete the decoration of the home—that’s obviously not going to be your best choice..

For serious designers and for those looking to take a serious home improvement design, I love this package. They were simply on/off dots of LEDs that you could clearly see as “dots” up close or far away.

You’ve got a led flame bulb that is one of the best-selling models when it comes to flame bulbs, and I really like this offering. If you need warm power, and you need it ready to roll, LEDERA should have you covered here with the flame bulbs.

  • Advanced texture
  • Excellent service life
  • However,The price is very competitive
  • But Bottom installation problem

7.Flame Tip LED Filament Bulb E12 Candelabra Base

Flame Led Light Bulb

Flame Tip LED Filament Bulb E12 Candelabra Base

The LVWIT has a very interesting offering here with this White 6-Pack model.

This is a led flame bulbs that wants to give you an affordable option, but it fails to compare to the best flame bulbs on the marketplace. Is it worth the money for a lower-end model? That may depend on your individual preferences, so let’s go over the bow and see what you think.

The LVWIT feels really nice, and it’s easy to install, but the Lifetime are where this flame bulb starts to lack.

But fortunately, the manufacturer has a free warranty for 3 years.


Currently, the LVWIT is only for home renovation. Replace 40 Watt incandescent bulb by 4.5W LED filament light bulb, saving over 85% on electricity bill of lighting

  • Super Bright: Edison flame tip candle Bulb, full lighting of 420 Lumens given out when you adjusts the dimmer to the maximum. omnidirectional brightness with 3000K Soft White, cozy and relaxed feeling. Restore the color strongly a lot with 80 plus high color rendering indexes(CRI)(Daylight color#100 Ra). 5% to 100% dimming scope is available, that’s more brilliant than the old fixtures.
  • Easy Installation: Standard E26 medium base fits universal existing American E26 base well, you can replace the old bulbs with a few seconds.
  • Value: This is a mixture of the first two bullet points here, but it’s rare to find a flame bulb that feels so good and can last for so long at this price level. Your spending money matters, and the LVWIT is definitely built to compete on price.
One thing that often gets asked about bows like these is “Do these flicker like candles? ”

The LVWIT doesn’t, They are no different than a regular bulb. The only difference is the don’t use but very little power and as a result they don’t get as hot as a regular bulb. NO FLICKER!

Another negative I want to point out about this flame bulb is that you’re probably going to want to add a luminous cover to it. But It’s a fairly bright flame bulb when installation is normal, and a Led tube would do a lot to hamper flicker.

The LVWIT is really the definition of “it is what it is”. It’s a quality flame bulb that falls short in a few different areas.

However, Manufacturer’s long time warranty. The question then becomes, are you still getting the bang for your buck as you design and customize your flame bulb the way you want. How long you want to use that is really up to you.

If you have a chance to test a model, and you like the way it feels straight out of the box, I think this will be a very quality offering for you.

  • Superb light distribution
  • Long product life
  • However,Unique feeling
  • But No small holes to emit light

8.DILISENS LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs-Newest Upgraded 4 Modes 

Led Flame Bulb Review

DILISENS LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs-Newest Upgraded 4 Modes

DILISENS is one of the heavyweights in the industry. They’re really one of the best flame bulb brands out there, and this led flame bulb is an absolute champ. It comes with a special blue light, but I think it comes with what you need to justify that special.

The DILISENS is ready to Illuminate basically as soon as you buy it, which is a nice choose.

The DILISENS is extremely bright when open and, due to the special lamp they added, it switch lights without vibration.

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is how adjustable the DILISENS is. Even if you’ve used other LED ‘flame’ lamps and are comfortable with the heat-free lighting, it’s hard to be prepared for the same effect in blue.The DILISENS LED Flame Effect light bulbs are truly interesting and freaky. Whether you use them upright or upside down the effect programming will simulate flames going the correct direction, burning upwards.


DILISENS has done a great job of packing a premium flame bulb. The price point may seem a bit high, but when you factor in everything you’re getting here, it makes sense.
  • 4 Modes Design: The newest version 4 modes Led Flame Bulb which includes Flame Emulation Mode / Gravity Induced Mode / General Light Mode / Breathing Mode, when you turn on/turn off the bulb,you can see that the mode will be changed. Unlike those 1 mode or 3 modes flaming bulbs, DILISENS Fire light bulbs provide more modes for you, satisfied all of your needs, much more practical.
  • Long Lifespan: DILISENS flame bulbs Made by high brightness 2835 led beads,1600K, excellent heat dissipation,can work for 100000+ hours;The input voltage is AC85-265v, the power is 4W. E26 Easy to install and apply to any country;Save up to 90% of electricity from traditional led bulbs, our led flickering light bulbs save money on your next electric bill.
  • Environment Friendly: DILISENS flame lamp simulates natural flame, flickering flame light bulbs, no open flame, safe and energy-saving LED light source; Environmental protect, no harmful substances, no UV and infrared radiation, 100% Safe. (Tips: To get better flame flickering performance, install this bulb in a frosted lampshade, lantern, salt lamp etc)
  • Warranty: 30-Day money back, 18-Month warranty and lifetime support.If your friends are upset or do not yet know how to dress up their house,DILISENS flame light bulbs are the best gifts to solve their distress and make their house look more Rich festive atmosphere.(Note: If you turn it off for about 45 seconds,it will go back to flame mode)
At the end of the day, the DILISENS is one of the best flame bulbs for decoration on the market.

Is it the best flame bulb of all time? I won’t say yes or no…but I would argue that it’s on the list.

You’ve got a flame bulb that can grow with your family and can be used by almost anyone with some simple decoration.

The warranty included here are top of the line, and you can be confident when you buy that you’re getting one of the best flame bulb money can buy.

The look and feel of the DILISENS can’t be beaten. I know that “decoration” might not be on everyone’s mind, but this bulb just looks cool.

  • Easy to operate and install
  • Red light continues uninterrupted
  • However,The range of illumination is very sensation
  • But No special lighting settings

9.LED Flicker Flame Effect Bulb – Fire Light

Led Flickering Flame Bulb

LED Flicker Flame Effect Bulb - Fire Light

Another entry from the quality folks at NSEN, this flame bulb package is upside down and that makes it quite versatile.

The big key here is that you’re getting a quality and durable led flame bulb, so you’re able to use this as your children grow and even then, many different members of the family could use this flame bulb.


With features like these, you can buy this led flame bulb and be sure that you have exactly what you need right away.

  • 1 MODE LED FLAME BULBS : Only 1 mode– Flickering, flame light needn’t control switch to transfer mode any more. The Artificial Vivid Fire, Dynamic Moving Flame, Simulate Nature Fire Flicker Flame, wonderful Replacement of Traditional Gas Lantern.For better flame flickering effective , install bulb in an opal, frosted glass shade, lantern, salt lamp etc.
  • FIRE MAGIC LIGHT DECORATION : Led flame effect light bulbs create warm and relax atmosphere, Great for Home decoration, Bedroom, Living Room, Bar, Hotel, Night Clubs, Outdoor Gardens, Restaurant, Coffee shop, Villas, Wedding decorations, Party, Church, Castle and more.Decorative bulb, warm flame colors decorate your space and give you a quiet, romantic and relaxing moment.
  • ENERGY SAVING E26 Base LED Bulb: Fire lights emit beam in a 360-degree direction, 90% Energy saving compared with 5w watt equivalent.

As I’ve mentioned, the NSEN is a well put-together flame bulb that feels sturdy enough to give an family member a lot of confidence with this flame bulb in their home.

It has 2 products packed, which is a cost-effective solution in comparison with competitors.

As some people are concerned about the look of their flame bulb, NSEN offers 99pcs LED on their led flame bulb that look really nice.

Where the NSEN shines through is that it’s really one of the best flame bulbs when you adjust for the price. I really think the NSEN is the best bow for the money.

There are cheaper starter models out there that can be adjusted like this one, but none of them come with high-quality like this flame bulb does. That’s going to be very appealing to someone who doesn’t want to mess around figuring out what they need.

Overall, I really like this led flame bulb from NSEN as one that is a 50,000 HOURS’ LIFESPAN, but one that makes sense.

You’re saving some money from the “best of the best”led flame bulbs, but literally, none of the pieces of this package are below average—everything you get is high quality.

I like that for a lot of designer who want something quality and know they’re serious about led flame bulb light design.

I’m a fan of NSEN, and this flame bulb should be in play for everyone who wants a quality led flame bulb.

  • Oil and water proof separation setting
  • Charming product style
  • However,The bulb warranty is very good
  • But After-sales service needs improvement

10.Gold Armour Solar Lights Outdoor Upgraded

Led Flicker Flame Bulb

Gold Armour Solar Lights Outdoor Upgraded Led Flame Bulb

We featured a solar power flame bulb in the last, and now it’s time for a youth pursuit of trends.

I don’t think the solar power has anything to do with the movie sun, but I’m also sure that Gold Armour doesn’t mind the association.


Overall, Fantastic solar lamps!! They look so real!Hardly any assembly required.

Very well constructed. I highly recommend these flickering solar lamp stakes!
  • SOLAR POWERED: This dancing flame torch light collects solar energy all day under direct sunlight, then turns on automatically at dusk. The light runs on solar power, so you can place it anywhere under direct sunlight!
  • WEATHER PROOF: Waterproof and Durable, this dancing flame torch light was built to withstand all kinds of weather all round year.
  • FAST EASY INSTALLATION: No wiring required, simply install it anywhere you like (under direct sunlight) and enjoy the warm torch light.

You’re going to see some mixed reviews online when it comes to this flame bulb, and that’s because any solar power flame bulb is going to be a bit of a challenge for users when trying something new like use solar.

I think that makes sense, but as long as you do your research and help your family member use this led flame bulb appropriately, I think you’ll get the results you want out of it.

The material, construction, and even the accessories with this Gold Armour package are really nice, and, for the price, this is a package I feel good about recommending to others—especially those deciding if use solar will become a new hobby for them.

This solar flame bulb package gives you some decent accessories but doesn’t break the bank in providing them.

The price is probably too good for most to pass up for a quality solar flame bulb. Even with limited solar charge, I think the Gold Armour package is a nice led flame bulb.

  • Interesting light settings
  • Charming product style
  • However,Wide use of specifications
  • But Installation portability is not high
Top 10 Led Flame Bulb

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