With the iPhone XS Max series on sale, many users have received the long-lost iPhone XS Max. However, the iPhone XS Max new machine seems to be not very smooth. It is not a long time since the sale. The problems of “poor call quality” and “signal diving” are frequently exposed in the global user base.

Since it is a signal reception problem, the Intel baseband used in the natural iPhone XS has become the “biggest suspect” that affects signal reception. Network public opinion has also pointed to the baseband as the “culprit” of these problems.

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So, is the signal of the iPhone XS really worse than the previous generation? Why should Apple abandon Qualcomm and bet on Intel? Today we will check through several scenarios.

Who is weak and who is strong? “Pull out” and know

From the iPhone XS series teardown report released by iFixit earlier this week, Intel has provided Apple with 9952 J825YD05 10PSV (XS) and 9955 X816YD5R P10PHV (XS Max) two modulation regulator chips. Intel’s latest full Netcom baseband XMM 7560.iPhone XS motherboard, the orange part is the baseband chip.Through the AIDA64 program, we can find that the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are all using the Qualcomm MDM 9655 chip.

Unfortunately, AIDA64 does not support iPhone XS Max and displays multiple items “Unknown” during testing.So with the help of another software, CPU-Z, we finally decided that the iPhone XS Max will be the baseband solution (Intel XMM) supplied by Intel, and the XMM 7560 mentioned in the iFixit teardown report.Starting with previous generations of iOS systems, users can call the Field Test mode to view real-time signal values ​​in the signal bar.

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However, since Apple canceled the dBm display of Field Test in the system signal area after iOS 11 system, the iPhone with Qualcomm baseband after this version cannot display the signal dBm in Field Test.So in this test, we used iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy Note9 (Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor) to compare the signal and network speed in the same carrier and the same test environment, and then add iPhone X for network speed comparison.

Since the test results vary from place to place

the results are for reference only (the higher the dBm value, the stronger the signal).Walking on the road, we took out two mobile phones for comparison. In the case where the same carrier and mobile phone are not equipped with a protective case, the iPhone XS Max has a dBm value of -76 and Note9 has a dBm value of -70.

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Then we went to the mall near the company for testing, which is the indoor environment. At this time, the iPhone XS Max has a dBm of -83, and Note9 has a dBm of -76. The signal is dropped, but it is still a high-pass baseband.In the Speed ​​Test test, we can see the gap between the two mobile phones in the network transmission. In the same environment, the download speed of Note9 reached 5013KB/s, and the upload speed went to 843KB/s. In contrast, iPhone XS Max is slower, but it is slightly faster than iPhone X, reaching download 4161KB/s and uploading 817KB/s.

Going to the back stairs of the mall, the signals of the two mobile phones did not fall, but still the baseband of the Xiaolong 845 was slightly better. The iPhone XS Max has a dBm of -77 and a Note9 of -70. Along the back stairs, we walked to the underground parking lot.In terms of speed performance, Qualcomm is still in a “rolling” state, and it has 9731KB/s download and 973KB/s upload. The iPhone XS Max also reached 7737KB/s, and the upload was the same as Note9, which was also 973KB/s.

The underground parking lot was on the third floor

the signals of the two mobile phones fell immediately, and they also opened a little gap. The dBm of the iPhone XS Max dropped to -113 at this time, although the 4G was hung but the page read was significantly slower.The samsung galaxy s9‘s dBm value fluctuates between -100 and -105, which is not stable but still slightly stronger than the iPhone XS Max. Through the comparison of the above scenarios, we can clearly understand the difference between XMM 7560 and Qualcomm X20 LTE.

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Apple has chosen Intel on the new iPhone instead of Qualcomm, which has been working for many years. The Internet has Apple’s explanations for cost savings, Qualcomm and Apple’s unhappy cooperation, but in the final analysis, the main reason is Qualcomm’s allegations against Apple last year.

In a document submitted by Qualcomm last November, they said that during the previous cooperation with Qualcomm, Apple improved the Intel’s modem chip (baseband) through the technology provided by Qualcomm, thus helping Intel, a competitor of Qualcomm, to solve “poor performance”. The problem.

As early as June last year, Qualcomm and Apple were questioning the patents for Bo Gongtang. The accusation of this update further compliments Apple’s evidence of stealing trade secrets and spoofing partners.

Qualcomm’s latest allegation file said that Apple not only improved its own chip performance through Qualcomm’s technology, but also helped Intel improve baseband components. Therefore, in the context of Qualcomm’s confrontation with Apple, this year’s iPhone XS series are based on Intel’s baseband chips, not oneplus 6t Qualcomm.which has been working with Apple for many years.

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Intel, which has been catching up

will it be the first choice for new machines next year?

As mentioned above, Qualcomm and Intel are both baseband chip suppliers for the iPhone. In fact, the iPhone XS series is not the first time Apple has adopted Intel’s baseband chips.

Apple used Infineon’s baseband chip in the early iPhone. After Intel bought Infineon for $1.4 billion in 2010, Intel officially became a chip maker competing with Qualcomm.

However, as the world was preparing to enter the era of 4G communication, Apple began a small number of dual-baseband routes. Most of the iPhones used Qualcomm’s baseband, while a small number of iPhones used Intel’s baseband chips.

Until the iPhone 4s era.

Prior to the arrival of the iPhone 7, Qualcomm had been a major supplier of iPhone baseband chips. But then Intel also joined the iPhone’s baseband array, so on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, we can also see the baseband of the Intel XMM tag.

According to feedback from some Weibo users, the Bank of world’s three-screen version of the iPhone 8 / X uses Qualcomm’s MDM 9655 chip, while some dual-network versions use the Intel XMM 7480.

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Although the two basebands are the best chips from Qualcomm and Intel, the gap between the two is still there. From the results of the iPhone X dual-core test given by Cellular Inights, both the download speed and the huawei mate 20 pro network signal, Qualcomm’s baseband is better than Intel. Although the gap is not obvious, there is still a long way to go.

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However, although this gap is not large

the difference will naturally make consumers feel unfair: How can I buy a mobile phone with the same signal at the same price?

From Qualcomm’s allegations against Apple.Qualcomm has pointed out that Apple’s lack of full use of Qualcomm’s baseband chips in the iPhone 7 indirectly masks the differences in network performance between Qualcomm and other vendors on iPhone devices. In other words, Apple is “specially cared for” by Intel.

If the performance adjustment is Apple’s special care for Intel, then the dispute with Qualcomm.

the introduction of the XMM 7560, and the lower price are the main reasons why the iPhone XS fully adopts the Intel baseband this year.

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Apple’s choice of Qualcomm can be seen as a disguised compromise for Netcom. After all, support for CDMA is still a stagnation of Intel’s baseband.

which is why we can only see the Intel baseband on the non-full Netcom iPhone.

However, with the launch of the full Netcom baseband XMM 7560, Intel solved the problem of network support.

the technology has gradually matured. Therefore, while Qualcomm called Apple, Intel took a lower price than Qualcomm.

so the new baseband was also big by Apple

Used in batches.”No harm without comparison.” From the results of several XMM 7560 measurements.

this chip has solved the CDMA support problem of Intel baseband and improved the network transmission level. But in fact it is still a distance away from Qualcomm’s X20 base.

the gap is getting closer, but it has not yet been able to talk beyond.

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However, from the big picture that Apple bet on Intel this year and dare to call Qualcomm.

we can easily observe several pieces of information:

The first is that Intel has offered a relatively favorable price to allow Apple to equip .

its new mobile phones in large quantities. Secondly, Intel’s baseband technology has matured and is recognized by Apple. In the future, it will continue to purchase in large quantities; if Intel can serve as Apple Long-term backing, Qualcomm and Apple disputes will not be settled in the short term.

For Qualcomm’s allegations, Apple spokesperson Ars responded on September 27th, Beijing time.

saying there was no substantive evidence on Qualcomm’s allegations. So it is conjectured that if the dispute between Qualcomm and Apple continues until 2019 or even longer.

then next year or future iPhones will likely continue to use Intel’s baseband.

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