fire escape ladder
In social life,fire has become a kind of multiple disaster that threatens public safety and endangers people’s lives and property.Once the fire comes,many people are buried in the sea under the smoke and flames.

Facing smoke and burning flames made from furniture materials such as floating tv stand,as long as you use your fire escape knowledge in a cool and witty will be able to save yourself and save others.

Therefore,it is necessary for every family to develop an effective fire escape plan.In order to safely and quickly escape the fire scene for you and your family.Sometimes,we need us to use the escape ladder.Today, we will share with you different fire escape ladder.

Home Escape

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1.Portable 24 Feet - Fire Escape Ladder 3 Story10/10Check Now
2.3-4 Story Homes 32 ft - Permanent Fire Escape Ladder10/10Check Now
3.Easy to Store - Fire Escape Ladder 2 Story10/10Check Now
4.Anti-Slip Rungs 25-Foot - Kidde Fire Escape Ladder9/10Check Now
5.Portable Emergency - Fire Escape Rope Ladder10/10Check Now

1.Portable 24 Feet Fire Escape Ladder 3 Story

Fire Escape Ladder 3 Story
This escape ladder is primarily designed for use in a three-story home.It made of steel and reinforced with nylon straps to safely withstand 375 pounds.After passing the ASTM standard test,this escape ladder can be safely and effectively evacuated from the fire scene and can be installed within one minute.

Steel stabilizers and step-and-slip epoxy coatings ensure a stable foothold during the descent.This ladder is also very convenient to store and can be easily placed under the bed or by the window so that it should be used in time.

This escape ladder has a good emergency release belt.It opens in the same way as the derma roller’s microneedle design.That can also be used as a “tie” to hold all steps in place during that it can be quickly and easily moved and placed in the window emergency.It is very sturdy and has a high quality structure, but not too heavy.If you have a 2 storey floor, make sure there is at least one such upstairs in case you need it.

Tips: In the event of a fire,close the bedroom door before opening the window to prevent oxygen from flooding into the room.

  • Steel structure
  • Non-slip epoxy coating
  • Easy to store
  • Only suitable for residential houses within three floors

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2.3-4 Story Homes 32 ft Permanent Fire Escape Ladder

Permanent Fire Escape Ladder
This emergency safety fireproof cord is made of high quality polyester and resin and is not easily deformed and stretched during climbing.The heat resistance is higher than the resistance of the largest speaker wire.Non-slip epoxy anti-slip ankle for a higher safety factor.

Compact and lightweight,it is suitable for all sizes of window frames and is easy to store.The rope of this device is very durable and stable.Testers like the quality of these materials and are very we let’s let ten people try it together.

We dropped it from the third floor, the rope of this device is easy to reach the ground.So it can be suitable for everyone without a doubt.It is also important that you do not think that it must be a professional firefighter to is very easy to assemble.The expert team strongly recommends it for the needs of the family.

  • Durable
  • Light weight
  • Cost-effective
  • Nylon rope is easy to melt at high temperature

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3.Easy to Store Fire Escape Ladder 2 Story

Fire Escape Ladder 2 Story
This escape ladder has 12 non-slip ladders for two-story homes, aluminum with nylon webs and can withstand up to 1200 pounds.This escape ladder is especially suitable for families with children.Can children install hooks and ladders when the fire comes?

It’s definitely not possible to hook the window down.This product solves this problem perfectly.It is a permanent fixture that is simple to operate.This product is a sturdy and well-structured product! This is a permanent fixture, not a detachable ladder that must be used in an emergency.

This product has a firm and stable connection.The operation is as simple as throwing out the window and removing the fixing strap which brings great convenience.

Tips: Beware of the low price pricing of different retailers on Amazon.

  • High load bearing
  • Easy to install
  • Steel stabilizer
  • Less stent coating

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4.Anti-Slip Rungs 25-Foot Kidde Fire Escape Ladder

Kidde Fire Escape Ladder
This escape ladder does not need to be assembled.the fire house is coming,it can be quickly deployed.the anti-slip step is also adopted.The maximum bearing capacity of the safety test is 1000 pounds.The five-year quality warranty can be used with confidence.

Due to the potential of this life-saving ladder,our test engineers gave high marks.This ladder is packed in a box and can be conveniently stored in a convenient place.If you live in a three-storey townhouse with children,engineers think this is an essential safety device.

In general,this chain ladder is very strong and allows us to safely move from high to ground.

  • Convenient storage
  • Sturdy material
  • Easy to operate for children
  • A bit heavy

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5.Portable Emergency Fire Escape Rope Ladder

Fire Escape Rope Ladder
In the news, primary school students often lost their lives in the house fire.They were trapped in the upper floor because they were weak and could not go downstairs in time.Now our engineers opened the package and tested the ladder.It is easy to install and unload.It works like a performs better than a set of canvas ladder.

Our testers looked at the time when the children climbed out of the window.The performance of this ladder made everyone very satisfied.Then we moved the ladder upstairs and let them get used to coming out from the heights.These children have not had safety training.But with this device these children are performing very well.

Update:A 6-year-old child can easily move the box to the floor below the bedroom window, set up the ladder and then climb to the ground alone.This is a great piece of equipment!

  • small volume
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible operation
  • Definitely not for older people

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How To Put Out A Grease Fire

If the oil pan is forgotten on the stove,it will catch fire after a few minutes.Edible oil will burn at high temperatures.The oil will boil when heated,then smoke and eventually it will catch fire.Most vegetable oils have a flash point of around 232 degrees.Animal oils,such as lard or goose oil.they have a flash point of around 191 degrees.If you accidentally caused an oil fire,you can do it as follows. assessment

The safety of you and your family is more important than the safety of your house.

If the flame is only confined to the pot,you can extinguish it yourself.

If the fire has spread to other parts of the kitchen,you have to let everyone gather outside the house and call the fire alarm.

Don’t put yourself at risk.

2.Turn off the stove

Since the oil needs to be heated to continue burning.

shutting down the stove is a top priority.

Don’t try to remove the pot to avoid igniting the upper body or expanding the range of combustion.

If the oil splashes around or you feel that you have enough time.

you can bring the oven gloves and turn off the stove.

This will prevent your hand from being burned.

3.Cover the pot to isolate oxygen

If your clothes are flammable,take off before you do.

You can extinguish the fire as follows:

Cover the lid,this is the easiest way to extinguish an oil fire.

After the lid is closed,the oxygen in the pot is quickly consumed and the fire is extinguished.

Do not use a glass lid,the glass will rupture when heated by a fire.

Place the baking tray on the lid.

4.If the fire in the pot is still burning,pour in baking soda

Baking soda can cut off the oxygen supply.

Baking soda can only extinguish small oil fires and cannot effectively extinguish large oil fires.

5.Use a fire extinguisher

If you have a chemical fire extinguisher on hand.

it is best to use it in an oil fire.

Although it will stain the kitchen.

it is better than burning the house.

Because it is the last line of defense to protect you and your house.

6.Remove the pot after the fire has been extinguished

When you panic or don’t know how to put out a fire alarm,call the fire and don’t risk your life to save the fire.

Don’t Do This:

1.Do not use water to extinguish the fire when an oil fire occurs.

This is the most common mistake people make.

Water and oil can’t dissolve and using water to extinguish the fire will only make things worse.

If water is poured into the pot,the water will sink to the bottom of the pot.

evaporate by heat to form water vapor because the water is heavier than the oil.

The water vapor will expand rapidly.

allowing the heat to spread out and burn people.

2.Do not use a towel,pron or other clothes to slap the flames.

as this will make the flames more prosperous.

Also do not cover the flames of oil fires with wet towels.

3.Do not use other baking ingredients to extinguish the fire.

Do not cover the flour on the fire.

Flour looks the same as baking soda.

but only baking soda can extinguish the fire.

4.Don’t try to move the pot outside.

It is also a common misconception to want to take the pot to a safe place.

In the process of moving,the burning oil will splash around.

causing the burning of surrounding combustibles.

Protection against oil fires

1.Do not leave the kitchen while heating the oil

Don’t wait until after the fire to pay attention.

Many people left the kitchen for a little while and forgot that the stove was still heating.

So you have to stay in the kitchen and react in time when you smell the smoke.

2.Use a heavy pot with a lid

Cover the lid during cooking to isolate oxygen.

Although an oil fire may occur after the lid is closed, closing the lid can reduce the possibility of oil fires.

3.You can add a thermometer next to the pot and know the temperature of the oil

Pay attention to the inside of the pot when heating the oil.

If the oil is smouldering, stop heating or remove the pot from the oven.

The oil does not burn immediately after the smoke.

but the smoke is a dangerous signal.

its appearance indicates that the oil is about to catch fire.

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