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It is necessity to use a best beach blanket. Whether you go to the beach regularly or do picnics with friends. Indeed, This kind of blankets are comfortable. That allow you to sit for several hours in outside without fear of dirtying your clothes.

Also, thanks to their special coating. Beach blanket help prevent the presence of sand on the carpet. So, you can organize a meal without any problems at the beach. Especially without fear that grains of sand invite themselves on your dishes!

What is the most concern about buying sand-proof beach blankets?

The most basic function of the beach blanket is to put sand and waterproof. If the purchase of a product lacking these features is equivalent to wasting your money. There are still many friends who want to know if they have fixed nails. This type of beach blanket is more suitable for frequent windy environments. Of course,How to clean the beach blanket is also a problem worthy of attention.

For the above questions, our team has produced a detailed shopping guide for everyone. These best beach blanket are generally inexpensive. Because it can be a little difficult to make a choice. But they are very numerous on the market. That’s why Newbesttips has decided to make these reviews. To get them, simply make your purchase on the Amazon platform that includes all the items of our selection.

Top 6 Anti-sand Beach Blanket 2019

Note: Many beach blankets cannot be directly thrown into the washing machine for cleaning. This may affect their use. However, some low-power washing machines can clean such products. We have a article about Best Small Washing Machine for Studio. If you have problems with this, please read them carefully.

1.WELLAX5-7 Adults
2.FYLINA3-5 Adults
3.ABETER2-4 Adults
4.WEKAPO5-7 Adults
5.WolfWise3-5 Adults
6.POPCHOSE5-7 Adults

1.WELLAX – Best Beach Blanket Huge Ground Cover For 4-7 Adults

Best Beach Blanket

WELLAX beach blanket is the perfect sand blanket for family use. Described as XXL beach blanket. It is indeed very big. That’s dimensions are 9′ x 10′. It will be suitable for use from 4 to 7 adults or 3 adults + 4 children. On the other hand, if you want to use it as a beach blanket to lie down on, there is enough room for 3 to 5 reclining adults.

This beach blanket is waterproof and sand resistant. Because it is made of 600D Oxford fiber as well as PVC. These are good quality materials. It helps to protect your property from moisture and sand. You can also sit on it even if the floor is wet. It will have no effect on your clothes. In addition, this beach blanket dries very quickly and cleaning is easy.

It is quite possible to significantly reduce the size of the beach blanket.

Indeed, it is very easy to carry. Because it is very light, but it can be collapses to a size of 4” x 8. So, People can take it with bungee chair (there are suggestions for choosing Best Bungee Chair) to go out for a picnic together very convenient. That also has a velcro closure and a handle to carry it. It is very simple to fold. You can easily keep it in a small corner or in a box at home.

This is the ideal beach blanket for all outdoor activities and other types of outings. Such as picnics, going to the beach, barbecues. It can simply set for an afternoon at the beach with the family. That is also suitable for animals and babies. Something to appeal to all types of users and large families.

On the other hand, when we reviewed this article. We noticed some disadvantages. In fact, this carpet can not be machine washed or dry. Just wipe it with a cloth and let it dry naturally.

Thus, this beach blanket for sand will be a very good choice if you are looking for an object to be used with family or friends. However, remember that it must not be machine-cleaned or dry cleaned.

2. FYLINA – Waterproof Beach Blanket For 3-5 Adults

Waterproof Beach Blanket

FYLINA sand free beach blanket is the perfect blanket for small families or couples. Indeed, thanks to its size of 213cmX274cm (7‘x9′). It can easily accommodate a couple or a family with two adults and two children. Also, you can use it while lying down. It’s big enough to make room for two grown-up adults.

This beach blanket is made of polyester fabric (210T) which is resistant to wear. Therefore, it is of good quality. It protects all your belongings from sand and water. You can also sit on it without fear even if you put it on a wet surface.

FYLINA beach blanket is also quite resistant and dries rather quickly. It is also easy to carry. The weighs of this beach blanket only 17 oz.

So, you can easily store it at home without it cluttering you too much.

The beach blanket of this brand is the perfect item for all types of activities as a couple or with a small family. It will be your perfect companion for barbecues. To take it to the campsite or even for a day at the water’s edge at the beach or lake. It can also be suitable for animals and babies.

However, when we reviewed this product. We noticed a few glitches. Indeed, this beach blanket is not very comfortable. If you put it on a floor with pebbles or irregularities, you will feel them. We recommend that you add a towel on top if you want more comfort. Moreover, you can not pass it to the machine either. So, if you have to clean it, you have to clean it with a cloth.

So this beach blanket is the perfect rug for small families or for couple use. It has a nice design. Fulfills all the functions of a good sand beach blanket. However, keep in mind that is not the most comfortable beach blanket of this selection.

3. ABETER – Sand Free Beach Blanket For 2-5 Adults

Sand Free Beach Blanket

This beach blanket for sand by ABETER is the most ergonomic beach blanket of this selection. Indeed, it is the beach blanket that can be suitable for different indoor and outdoor uses. This beach blanket measures 79″ x 79″ or 79″ × 57″. It possible to accommodate a small family or a couple. 2-5 adults can lie on it.

ABETER beach blanket is green, which makes it quite interesting. Because it also has small leaves drawn on it. It is made of 600D polyester and PVC. Both materials are environmentally friendly. Therefore, environmentally friendly !

The beach blanket is also robust and durable. It is resistant to sand and water. You can safely install it on a wet surface without the risk of wetting your clothes. It is also possible to fold this rug to store and transport. It is very compact when folded. There is no need for other equipment, the beach blanket is fixed with velcro. It is also very very comfortable.

It is perfect for use indoors and outdoors. You can use it in addition to a playpen, or as an outdoor rug for barbecues. It will be suitable for babies as well as animals.

On the other hand, when we reviewed ABETER beach blanket. We noticed some small issues. It is a bit difficult to fold at the beginning. Therefore, You must take the hand and use it several times. That can waste time in the beginning.

Thus, this beach blanket is perfect for use indoors and outdoors. It is very comfortable. That will be perfect for a small family or a couple. However, keep in mind that it is a little hard to fold at the beginning.

4. WEKAPO – Sand Free Beach Blanket For 7 Adults

Sand Free Beach Blanket For 7 Adults

This beach blanket from WEKAPO is the most comfortable blanket of our selection. Indeed, it has three internal layers to ensure maximum comfort. It measures 10‘x9′(300cmX280cm). Therefore, It can accommodate 5 to 7 adults at the same time and 5 adults lying down. It will be perfect for family use or for use with friends.

This beach blanket is blue in color. It is made of good quality polyester. That makes it quite robust and durable. It is totally waterproof and anti-sand. As it was developed by a specialist factory in beach mats.

It does not need to be used with another towel. You can lie on it without fear that your clothes get wet if you lay your mat on a damp surface. And even if you put it on an uneven surface, it will stay comfortable. To store your blanket, you can fold it quickly and compact. It is easy to store at home and carry. It does not take up much space. That can easily be stored in a crate or on a shelf.

This blanket is the ideal blanket for outdoor use. You can use it at the water’s edge. Or even for barbecues or picnics in your garden. It adapts to all activities without any problem. You can also clean it very easily with a simple cloth.

However, when we reviewed this article. We were able to identify a problem. Indeed, it is not recommended to use it in an environment where there is a lot of wind. The fasteners of the blanket do not hold very well easily if there is a lot of wind.

Thus, this beach blanket is the ideal purchase for a large family. It is compact and has a nice color. However, do not forget that its fasteners can tear.

5. WolfWise – XXL Picnic Blanket Anti Sand For 5 Adults

XXL Picnic Blanket Anti Sand

WolfWise brand beach blanket is an essential item to have at home. Indeed, it is the perfect blanket for all types of activities. It measures 79×79 in(200×200 cm). That is spacious enough to accommodate groups of friends of 2 to 4 adults or 2 adults with 3 children. It is also suitable for animals and babies.

This beach blanket has a pretty nice design. It is made of Oxford polyester, which makes it very good quality. That is well waterproof and anti-sand. You can safely lie down without being afraid to wet your clothes. You will not need to use a towel as a supplement. It folds so easily when stowed. Because it is only 37x26x20cm. It is light and easy to transport. Because it weighs only 2.6 pounds. WolfWise also comes with a storage bag which helps protect it when stored.

It is ideal for all outdoor activities. You can safely take it at the beach,lake, for barbecues or simply to settle in the park. To clean it, simply use a damp cloth.

When we did our research. We noticed a small flaw on this carpet. Indeed, it is lightweight and very interesting. But it flies very easily. That’s why you have to try to keep it on the ground. Obviously, it comes with nails. But we must remember to take them with you.

So, this beach blanket is a must have for all your activities. It is easily suitable for a group of friends. However, do not forget to bring the nails to fix it if you know there will be wind.

6. POPCHOSE – Beach Blanket Sand Free For 7 Adults

POPCHOSE Beach Blanket Sand Free For 7 Adults

POPCHOSE beach blanket has the best quality / price ratio of this selection. Indeed, it is of very good quality. The blanket measures 9 X 7 ft . It is an ideal size for a very large family and can accommodate up to 8 adults on it. That can also allow 4 adults to lie down. It is very suitable for animals as well as babies.

The blanket is blue and gray. It is quite good and is very soft to the touch. That is made of silk nylon. It is waterproof, anti-UV and anti-sand. It also resists easily to wind and showers. You can lie on it without fear that your clothes are wet. It is easily foldable and transportable. Indeed, once folded, it measures only 5.3 X 7.9 in. It can be stored easily at home.

It is perfect for all outdoor activities. As you go to the beach, have a barbecue or simply relax in your garden. This blanket will be perfect. It is easy to clean with a cloth.

However, when we evaluated this product. We found some problems. Indeed, it is not the most comfortable blanket. In addition, It may have to carry a towel. Also, it is quite heavy to carry. Because it weighs almost 1.2 pounds.

Thus, this article has the best quality / price ratio of this selection. It is the ideal choice for a large family. However, do not forget that it is a bit heavy.

How to select an anti-sand beach blanket?

In this guide, we explain how to select your beach blanket. This market is quite competitive, especially on Amazon. We have met the main criteria to help you make your choice.

Beach blanket are also great for all other scenes like picnics. So you are in the right place if you are looking for a blanket to use in a park or your garden.

The comfort of the anti-sand beach blanket

The comfort of the anti-sand beach blanket is the first criterion to take into account. Indeed, you will spend your afternoons on it. And therefore, it must be comfortable for your back. Ideally, the blanket should be soft when pressed. But it should also be soft to the touch.

Underneath, it is necessary that the blanket has a waterproof coating. To prevent the wet surfaces from damaging it. Thus, you are protected against moisture, sand and also dirt. Generally, the materials that make up this kind of blanket are polyester or other synthetic materials.

On the surface, it is made of PVC or rubber. which in both cases is a barrier against dirt and moisture. In addition, some models are padded with foam. So, they are even more comfortable.

The size of the anti-sand beach blanket

One of the other criteria to consider when selecting your sand beach blanket size. Indeed, this object must be wide. So that all your guests can sit on it without being too tight. If you already know how many people are going to use, it’s a very good thing. Because you can make your choice accordingly. Generally, models have different sizes. So, you can choose from a wide range. For example, a model of 140 cm x 150 is perfect for use as a couple or for young children.

On the other hand, a larger model such as 180 cm x 145 cm can accommodate several people. Such as a whole family or a group of friends. There are also very large models that go up to 200 cm x 250 cm. These allow to have enough room for 5 adults.

The ease of transport of the anti-sand beach blanket

This type of object is intended to be transported. So, The best beach blanket must have lightweight and easy to wear. It is possible to select a model that can roll up. It is the simplest option. Because they take up almost no space. For example, a 180 cm x 150 cm blanket only takes an area of 30 cm x 20 cm when stored in this manner.

In addition, it is preferable to direct your choice to models equipped with a velcro closure. That allows the blanket not to be undone when folded. To make transportation easier, you can also select a model with a handle already included.

Best Beach Blanket

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