After several hours of research 19 inch tv.19 inch tv made my selection of the 10 best 4K 19 inch tv currently available on the market.The task was not easy: this market is ultra-competitive. Nevertheless, I think the Sony Bravia KD55A1 stands out as the best 4K TV of the moment.

I invite you to consult my purchase guide at the end of the article to familiarize yourself with the preliminary research required to purchase a 4K TV.

The best cheap 4K 19 inch tv Like many hi-tech products, the entry level is a real nest of vipers. However, among some models wrongly presented as “innovative”, we sometimes find a pearl

1.Element ELEFW195R 19″ 720p HDTV

Attentions, this market is ultra-competitive, but for this budget, no TV 4K is perfect! Of course, no OLED screen in sight. For the best screens of the moment, all categories combined, it will be in middle and high end! Here, it will be LCD LED that offers a pleasant experience but will never score the best scores in depth of contrast and latency.

Note that, for ease of comparison, I selected in my comparisons models of 19 inches (almost) only. This provides better price insights for equivalent products, and the visual quality of screens of this size is generally above average. Not to mention that an extra effort has often been made on the design …

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2.Sceptre E195BV-SHD 19″ 720p 60Hz Class

The 4K is the new must of television. To choose a new model being assured not to see it outdated in a few years (and again … the 8K is looming ), it is to a 4K TV that we must turn. Native 4K content is still quite rare, but the trend is accelerating. To take the lead right away before falling behind!

Also known as UHD , or Ultra High Definition, the 4K displays four times more pixels (with a resolution of 3840 x 2160) than a Full HD TV, for images 4 times more accurate. On 4K 19 inch tv , the slightest detail becomes visible, the animations are often smooth and the color gradients are deeper. It is therefore ideal for all movie lovers and lovers of beautiful images in general. We have selected for you the 4 best 4K 19 inch tv of this year.

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3.Pyle 18.5-Inch 1080p LED TV | Ultra HD

With prices ranging from 599 to 1,999, the range is wide. No matter what your needs and budget are, you’ll definitely find the 4K TV you need.If the Chinese manufacturer TCL has sometimes strongly disappointed in the past.

its version of the TV 4K has really corrected the shot. At less than 1000, it offers a value for money really interesting.

It is first of all the design that challenged me with this model, because it is frankly original: by far, the TV gives the impression of being a very thin panel.

The screen is mounted on two rather narrow V-shaped legs, in shiny chrome. Everything is distinguished by its sobriety and elegance.

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4.AXESS TV1705-19 19-Inch LED HDTV

By cons, unfortunately, it does not fit on all tables: it takes at least 20 cm deep. But the TV itself is only 5 cm thick, an admirable technical performance for a screen at this price.

One of the most surprising elements is that, where most manufacturers have opted for hidden speakers – often behind the screen, on the side parts – the TCL proudly displays a full-length JBL soundbar.

All connections are on the left side, contained in a housing that promotes – a little – cable management. Connectivity level, there are three HDMI 2.0 inputs, an antenna and satellite port, an Ethernet port and a Jack output.

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5.Supersonic SC-1911 19″ LED Widescreen

The 55 “slab was built with VA technology. I invite you to consult my buying guide to know the problems that this type of choice implies, especially in terms of image quality at an important angle.

If it is in glossy coating – which is the best taste when it is off – the anti-reflective coating does its job pretty well. However, it is necessary to limit exposure to direct light, which impacts this type of screen more than those that are dull.

The quality of the LCD, on the other hand, is rather impeccable. The contrast rates are staggering for this price range, often fraught with light leaks and clouding. The maximum brightness, it, offers a real comfort.

As far as colorimetry is concerned, it is simply close to perfection: TCL has made great progress in this area. The colors are bright, faithful and well balanced.

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6.Proscan PLED1960A 19-Inch 720p 60Hz 

There is one weak point: the slab offers only 50 Hz refresh rate, which is below the quality standard – 60Hz. As a result, there are slight motion blur. It’s a bit of a drain on the effort that has been made to reduce lag time, which is part of TCL’s arguments for presenting this model as “versatile” (Understand here: which is also gaming. do not involve too much movement, it’s far from being the case!)

Sound level, the JBL bar under the screen is actually more aesthetic than effective. With a power of 12W the result does not break bricks … And it does not compete with a good soundbar entry level!

In the end, the voices are intelligible, but the bass sound hollow, with weaknesses also raised in the treble. It may be unfortunate to have put forward an integrated speaker if it is not of sufficient quality, because we can add one, but it will be duplicate …

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7.Majestic 19″ LED 12V HD TV w

Another novelty brought by the U55C7006 is the Smart TV Android feature, since TCL is now in cahoots with Android TV, joining the big family with Sony and Philips. Android applications are quite complete, including a very good integration of VLC.

What we can judge on this TV 4K, if anything, is its hardware. And with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a four-core MediaTek processor, you get what you pay for. It is not a beast of compet ‘, but it is nonetheless a very good value for money.

It also includes Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. My only regret would be the absence of voice control. It does exist on Android TV, but there is no microphone on the remote. Pity !

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8.Hitachi 19″ LED LCD 720p HDTV

In the end, TCL officially enters the big leagues. Its new TV is probably the most competitive in the range to less than 1000: in hardware, we can not miss the big work of improvement that allows to achieve such graphics performance, and in software, the integration of ‘Android TV makes it a model quite comfortable and complete to use. But we are still a little far from the use that can be made of a TV nowadays: for gaming, graphics, or even office, there is better … provided to increase a little its budget!

The small price does not prevent this TV Samsung not to be a Smart TV Tizen rather ergonomic with web browser and applications available in Wi-fi. Level connectivity, the 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports will suit the less greedy of you.

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9.Coby TFTV1904 19-Inch Widescreen 720p

On the other hand, the two 10-watt speakers will surely not please audiophiles, despite the built-in Bass Reflex Speaker System and the Wallmount Sound Mode designed for use with the wall-mounted TV.Sony has started OLED with its Bravia range, and the result is striking.

The first thing that strikes with this TV is its weight. It has indeed a huge weighted crutch. We could be surprised at this, at a time when the focus is on the end (but the TV itself is very fine, as I will point out later) and the transportable, but in fact, this foot has been designed to integrate all the connectors, which is very useful for cable management.

Connectivity level, precisely, it is rather well supplied: four HDMI ports, an optical audio output, an Ethernet port, a headphone output, and two USB ports, including a USB 3.0.

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10.QFX 19″ LED Tv (TV-LED1912D) 

Another factor that explains the size and weight of this atypical crutch is the integration of a subwoofer directly inside, to complete the sound arsenal of this TV. The great highlight of the Bravia A1 is actually its sound system, which is rare enough to be precise!

It benefits from the technology Acoustic Surface, which uses speakers placed just behind the glass slab and make it vibrate to create sound. The rendering is balanced and powerful, avoiding, as is often the case with the competition, to have to use a soundbar. Finally, it benefits from surround effects and now supports Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus formats. Not bad is not it ? You will be able to fully enjoy it through five audio modes: standard, games, classic, cinema and music.

And the display in all this? Well yes, in general we buy a TV 4K for its image quality … You will notice immediately on the Bravia A1, there is almost no slab. Taking the best of OLED and its compactness, Sony has strived to make a screen that evokes more a slab of glass than a television. And he is of an impressive finesse!

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The main attraction of the OLED is to offer contrast rates close to the absolute

The same goes for light leaks – nonexistent – and the intensity of blacks.The small negative point is the brightness, a little weaker than several competitors. This is a shame, especially since the problem seems partly software: it is the HDR that tends to do a little zeal in the decline in brightness. The finesse of the colors is, for its part, impeccable. If they are very comfortable before calibration, a little hacking can even bring it to a level that will suit most designers.

Especially since the Sony Bravia A1 is doing very well with the movements too. Like most OLED displays, it offers almost no latency, with an extrapolation system that allows a natural rendering up to 120 fps.

Finally, OS level, as I pointed out, Sony integrates Android TV, in version 6.0 here. The remote has been studied accordingly, incorporating even two hot keys air conditioner heater to Google Play and Netflix.

In the end, the Sony Bravia A1 is probably one of the best TV 4K market

which begins to be a victim of its success (it is increasingly difficult to find). Beneficial design and quite daring, image quality close to perfection, complete connectivity and possibility of mounting it on a wall: this TV is at the same time one of the most elegant and most complete.

With 4 cores and Android TV system, this Smart TV is ergonomic and multitasking. Google apps and games get started quickly for maximum enjoyment. The 16GB of expandable memory allows you to store your favorite content and install more applications.

On the sound side, the 30 Watts from micro speakers integrated in the soundbar are very honorable but we would have appreciated a little more power. The bass is a little reinforced with speakers at the back of the screen.

With 4 HDMI connectors (including two in 2.0), 3 USB (including one in 3.0) and other usual connectors such as scart.

optical audio and Ethernet, there is what it takes to connect all of its accessories.

And like many “heavyweight” (figuratively, even if it still displays a little over 19 kg on the scale).

it is seen on the electricity bill: 156 Watts consumption in use.

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