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Best 4K TV Buying Guide: Are you considering taking steps to buy a 4K TV? If you want a new TV, you now have more choices than ever, including HD, 4K and Smart TV. We now have a final list of the 15 best UHD TVs. For larger TVs, we recommend that the store offer a simple in-store return policy, as shipping back to a large TV is a huge pain.

Regardless of your budget or screen size, almost every new TV released this year has a 4k resolution. In this article, you’ll find a list of the best 4K TVs you can buy right now. These are the most advanced (and sometimes the most expensive) packages on the market, and they represent the peak of possible home theater. Here are the things to look for when shopping, and the best TV we have tested. Also, check out our best TV page, which includes some newer (but still great) laptop models. Many of them have been greatly discounted and are now more readily available.

Top 15 4K TV

Optional Size(Inch)Name 
65,75Samsung QN65Q9FN
55,65Samsung UN65MU8500
55,65Samsung UN65NU7300
49,55,65,75,82Samsung QN55Q6F
55,65,77Sony XBR65A1E
55,65Sony KD55X750F
65,75,85Sony XBR65X850F
49,55,65,75,85Sony XBR65X900F
55,65Sony XBR55X930E
65,77LG OLED65G7P 65-Inch
55,65,77LG OLED55C8P 77-Inch
69.5Panasonic 1080p Full HD
65Philips Class 4k UHD
43SunBriteTV SE
32TCL 32S327

Read on to a brief description of the 4K TV, or skip to the next section to see our best 4K TV recommendations. Since the manufacturer is ready to release a new model, the price and availability fluctuate greatly at the beginning of the year. Recently, the TV market has undergone great changes in terms of technology and price. New screens with organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels and ultra-high definition (UHD or 4K) are replacing the 1080p standard we are used to. But which one should you buy? Here are the key points to consider when purchasing a new package, and the best TV we have tested.More Info About 19 inch tv review.

Best Budget 4K Tv

Here are the best budget 4k tv you can buy:



Panasonic 1080p Full HD 69.5 Inch

Philips Class 4k UHD 65 Inch

SunBriteTV SE 43-Inch Weatherproof

TCL 32S327 32-Inch 1080p

Updated on 1 day ago by New: changed 6 new top pick and 1 new under $200 pick. Updated formatting and adjusted prices.

Best Samsung 4K Tv
Best Sony 4K Tv

1.Samsung Q9FN1

Best 75 Inch 4K Tv

Samsung QN65Q9FNSimple two-line setup. One for the power supply and one for the TV. 9 amplified speaker drivers are equipped with HDTV screens. If you want to save money but want the image quality of a large TV brand. Wirelessly transfer all your favorite music services. You should consider the Samsung QN65Q9FN.

This is the cheapest TV with full HDR capability on the QN65Q9FN and the sound is crisp powerful.

Connect your Playbar to any device that supports Amazon Echo or Alexa compared to other TVs in its price range.

It ranks first in image quality. Please note that this TV has smart features, but it does not have a tuner for the OTA channel. Control through an existing TV remote or wirelessly connect to the app via a smart device.

  • Excellent contrast
  • Screen is very good
  • Built-in assistant
  • Eye-catching design
  • No Google Cast support

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2.Samsung UN65MU8500

Samsung UN65MU8500
Filling different music in two separate rooms, this TV is cheaper than Black Friday. Samsung has truly become the new king of value TV.

High-quality surround speakers for home theater. They offer high-quality panels that are highly appreciated by professional critics. Versatile, compact fit.

lowest price. Put them wherever you want. This special TV is the latest model of the year with excellent image quality.

Play all your favorite music services like Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and more. It also has HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR. Easy 10-minute Wi-Fi setup. Then let you enjoy the rich and full of space.

  • Large picture
  • Accurate wide ratio
  • Projection system
  • Wireless subwoofer speaker
  • Not particularly bright
  • Smart interface is not very friendly

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3.Samsung UN65NU7300

Samsung UN65NU7300Smart features access to thousands of streaming channels.

This will definitely be a very popular TV project on Black Friday this year. With 4K Ultra HD picture resolution.

Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range (HDR) contrast.

This TV is one of the most rated entry-level TVs among professional reviews and users. Edge LED backlighting with dynamic contrast control produces deep black and excellent image quality.

This is a 4K TV with stable image quality and Samsung is already familiar.

Pay attention to color and detail to create the most realistic picture. In our comparison test, this Samsung beat the image quality recommended above.

  • Very wide
  • Accurate color ratio
  • LCD TV is strongly contrasted
  • Increased wall mounting flexibility
  • With voice assistant
  • Smart home control
  • Not Alexa or Google Assistant

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4.Samsung QN55Q6F 

Samsung QN55Q6F

Best 49 Inch Tv 4K

TV with AI (Artificial Intelligence). Built-in Google Assistant. You will not only be a 4K smart HDTV.

Get a very amazing offer and you may also have the right to brag about the biggest TV set nearby.

Enjoy a more realistic picture with excellent depth, clarity and very accurate color. Imagine watching it superb on this baby. Create a center for your smart home and other places. In addition, it applies to Amazon Alexa devices (sold separately).

The best TV in the history of the Samsung QN55Q6F is available in only one size. But if you can’t price the OLED TV and still need an amazing picture.

it should be your first choice. OLED Display features the latest panels with brighter self-illuminating pixels for perfect black and intense color.

  • Prevent dust
  • Extreme temperature can be used
  • The panel is slightly brighter
  • Wide range of colors
  • More affordable
  • Frustrating remote
  • a little muddy shadow detail
  • Input lag

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Samsung 4K Tv

Here are the best samsung 4k tv can buy:





Updated on 1 day ago by New: changed 4 new top pick. Updated formatting and adjusted prices.

5.Sony  XBR65A1E

Sony XBR65A1EThe Sony XBR65A1E is brighter, more detailed and more impactful than the 2017 60A1E. In addition to the Samsung QN55Q6F above.

there is no TV to provide so many pictures for this small cash.

Enjoy pixel-level brightness, which means excellent illumination accuracy. The XBR65A1’s affordable M is high-performance and well-equipped.

The panel technology remains largely unchanged, with a focus on the new Alpha 9 processor.

If you want a large inch size, this strategy can basically get the most out of the panel.

This is the best value in this list. It’s not as bright as Samsung’s competitors, but it’s one of the brighter OLEDs. Black noise is also less.

  • Affordable
  • Excellent contrast and color
  • There are a large number of streaming applications and services
  • Power consumption
  • Only three HDMI ports
  • The remote control does not have a headphone jack

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6.Sony KD55X750F

Sony KD55X750F
It will be difficult for you to look for OLEDs with a more natural picture from this year. It is worth celebrating that this OLED TV has once again cut prices.

If you want absolutely perfect image quality, or closer to the OLED that the filmmaker saw before the release. OLED TVs are still considered to be the best.

One of the features of TV is the dynamic lookup table. These features fully illustrate that he is a good TV. They offer unparalleled contrast and black levels compared to traditional LCD TVs. The result is more precise color processing, especially midtones and highlights.

which has traditionally been plagued by OLED TVs. But the Sony KD55X750F still has industry-leading style and features, and has more sizes.

  • Bright picture
  • Strong contrast
  • Android TV handsfree
  • Google Assistant
  • Bulky
  • Outdated far away

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7.Sony XBR65X850F

Sony XBR65X850F
It has the brand’s most powerful video processing engine and built-in sound bar designed in collaboration with Bowers & Wilkins. Removed all the features you don’t need – such as smart features – and gives you the absolute lowest price.

And XBR65X850F’s own Ambilight technology. what? Do you want a smart TV? Just use the Amazon Fire Stick and Google Chromecast to get all the same features. Ambilight immersive quality distinguishes it from other TVs.

it has its advantages, including a slightly better overall image than the M-series and a higher 120Hz refresh rate than 55-.

The colors are vibrant, but with a sense of balance and naturalism, the sound is stronger and more dynamic than your expectations for this thin screen.

  • Cheap Price
  • Accurate Color
  • Provide a large number of applications and services
  • Low input hysteresis
  • Poor contrast
  • Color does not meet the standard

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8.Sony XBR65X900F

Sony XBR65X900FThe first step for Sony and A1 to enter 4K OLED is amazing. This is the cheapest HD, 4K and HDR steam media player I have ever seen. In my opinion, the interface is one of the most intuitive smart TV interfaces.

The design is still gorgeous and there is still an innovative sound system that shakes the screen.

It supports all the biggest services, including YouTube, Amazon TV, Netflix, Hulu, VUDU and more.

It’s still weird, but it does work. Basically the same image quality as the XBR65X850F TV above.

This is absolutely sensational, built on the inherent advantages of OLED deep black and strong contrast. If you want bright and powerful HDR images, that would be great.

  • Cheap Price
  • Accurate Color
  • Built-in Amazon Fire TV and Alexa features
  • Poor black level
  • Contrast mediocrity
  • HDR’s moderate color range difference

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9.Sony XBR55X930E

Sony XBR55X930E
The Sony XBR55X930E is the most impressive LCD TV we’ve seen in a while. It supports all major media applications including YouTube, Amazon Video, Netflix, Vudu, Kodi, Spotify and more.

This TV is a very versatile performer with a high dynamic range with appropriate influence and can be viewed with as little light as possible. It also has a Chromecast feature so you can stream to your TV from your phone or tablet.

The biggest change is the use of direct backlighting with a full array of local dimming systems, which means better lighting control than last year. In addition, if you have an NVIDIA GPU, you can also stream your game to your TV at 60fps or play Android games. In addition, it offers a black level that is almost as good as a competitor’s OLED TV, combined with unprecedented brightness and color volume.

  • Colorful picture
  • Support HDR10 and Dolby Vision
  • Google Cast compatible
  • Five HDMI ports
  • Non-Google Cast app is a bit awkward
  • High power consumption

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Sony 4K Tv

Here are the best sony 4k tv can buy:






Updated on 1 day ago by New: changed 5 new top pick. Updated formatting and adjusted prices.


The Sony LG OLED65G7P is an excellent mid-range option. If you have a very large TV budget and for some reason you don’t want OLED.LG OLED65G7P is second best.

LG OLED65G7P you can get the HDR vitality and Sony image processing expertise.

but can not get the unevenness of the edge lighting LCD.

It proves its high price through a large number of functions and innovative design .

its image quality is the best of any liquid crystal display we tested.

It doesn’t achieve the same level of illumination accuracy as Sony’s XBR55X930E series.but it does a good job of providing contrast and brightness.

  • Colorful picture
  • Excellent upgrade
  • WebOS still rock
  • Low input hysteresis
  • Action may be better
  • More suitable for darker rooms

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The OLED 55C8P is the flagship product of LG’s TV this year. It has rebounded after losing money last year.

All of the TVs listed above have better picture quality and they are more expensive.

But when it comes to really cheap TVs, nothing.

The biggest change is the use of direct backlighting and a full matrix local dimming system

which means lighting control is better than last year.

When you have more information on the same screen size, your picture will be sharper and clearer, and you can appreciate all the extra definitions and details.

  • Gorgeous and accurate picture
  • Powerful voice
  • Good smart interface
  • Good application support
  • Light up the remote
  • Some menu UI design is poor

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12.Panasonic TX-65EZ1002B

Panasonic 1080p Full HD

Best 70 Inch 4K Tv

The first step in the Panasonic TV world is absolutely amazing.

Roku is our favorite Netflix streaming application platform .

it even better integrates into TV.

We can’t help but like this model. This 4K image quality won’t surprise you.

There are no speakers. because Panasonic’s acoustic surface technology makes the screen vibratewhich in itself acts as a speaker.

But for most people, it’s perfect, especially at this price point. Exquisite design with innovative sound system. It sounds weird, but it’s perfect.

  • Stunning color picture
  • Especially clear 4K
  • Superior sound quality
  • Picture noise
  • Sound bar
  • Unclear skin tone

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13.Philips 1080p Full HD

Philips Class 4k UHD 65 InchSome people refer to 4K TV as UHD (Ultra HD). Philips is the best 4k TV we have reviewed so far. It has the same excellent picture quality as the more expensive sony and LG.

philips can display perfect black because its lighting technology allows it to turn off a single pixel. It has a wide color gamut. But for TV purchase purposes, they are just different ways of naming the same thing.

Rich and vivid colors can be produced in HDR content.

It has a very good view and is suitable for rooms with spacious seating arrangements. The motion processing is excellent  almost instantaneous response time.

Many people say that because of the depth the image can provide, the 4K TV can almost look like 3D. Shows fast-moving content with little blurring. In older low fps content, this can lead to some stuttering and can be easily fixed with excellent motion interpolation.

  • high-definition
  • High audio performance
  • Perfect design
  • Ready to pay high prices

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14.SunBriteTV SE 43-Inch Weatherproof

SunBriteTV SE 43-Inch WeatherproofCheck out our best TV pages, which include older (but still good) models. If you find that Philips is too expensive.

but still want a very good mid-range 4k TV.

then get the SunBriteTV SE series. SunBriteTV does not have excellent reflection processing ability and can not be as bright as Sony Philips.

On the plus side, SunBriteTV has a very good picture quality and can perform well in almost any use.

Many of them have been greatly discounted and represent some bargaining. It has very low input latency and very effective BFI capabilities to satisfy gamers.

Sound quality is also not forgotten. Let the built-in speakers listen to you to determine if you need to invest in an audio or speaker system to enhance your performance.

  • Gorgeous brightness
  • Local dimming function
  • Great designer
  • There are some shadow details

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15.TCL 32S327 32-Inch 1080p

TCL 32S327 32-Inch 1080p

Best Small 4K Tv

If you find the SunBriteTV SE series expensive and want to use cheaper alternatives in the budget category, then purchase TCL 32S327.

It has an improved backlight, more powerful processing power and the magic of Dolby’s image detail. TCL 32S327 is gradually being replaced by S425, which has some cosmetic improvements.

As a result, the 32S327 has an unbeatable realistic look with super bright colors and extremely high brightness. The S402 / S425 still delivers good picture quality, but lacks some of the more advanced features on the TCL 32S327, such as local dimming and motion interpolation.

If you only want a decent 4k UHD TV and don’t care about HDR, then the TCL 32S327 series is a good choice. There is always a little halo around the dark objects on a white background, but expecting HDR content and impressive color gamut is a good compensation.

  • Direct LED backlight
  • Strong HDR performance
  • Poor user experience
  • High input hysteresis

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Best 4K TV

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