Why Lithium-Ion Battery Explode ???

The world is more smarter Day by Day. Can you imagine that The phone will be so small? You can turn it into your pocket? But now it is possible. We can do that easily. And now that Devices are more smart. Daily new features are being added. And make smart phone more smarter.

Battery Explosion

We are seeing that daily different types features are being added and smartphones goes to more smarter, But the problem is the battery. Yes battery. In news we can see Samsung Note 7 Device battery are explode. And many aircraft are banned to carrying Samsung Note 7 Device. Now i will try to describe why explode.

Smartphone lithium-Ion battery to be charged very quickly. Very small production error can be lead the short-circuit. And then the fire maybe occurred. So we will have to keep in mind, The battery Circuit will be designed to optimize way. Any small mistake make explosion.

The Lithium-Ion battery are makes with cathode, anode and lithium. The cathode and the anode are separated With the electrolyte organic liquid. And the lithium are movement with this separator. If the battery was charged very quickly, Then battery generates heat. This could be make short-circuit. Then battery will make explosion. So we have also take care about battery charging.

Battery Explosion

Another causes is production error. Small pieces of metal at the time of production for any reason or at the time to seal the battery, a small hole can be make the explosion. At the beginning of this case battery will not make explosion. After several time charges, the battery material contraction make explosion.
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