What Is Windows Command Prompt?

In my previous blog post i was told about CLI (Command Line Interface). Today i am telling you about Windows Command Prompt. There are various CLI (Command Line Interface) or Command Prompt available. Some compiler or some program are uses Command Prompt for user friendly. So here i am Discuss about Windows Command Prompt.

Windows Command Prompt

We have not enough knowledge about Windows Command Prompt. We can fix various type problem in our computer and make more secure to using Windows Command Prompt. We can also make our computer more secure using BIOS. And many people does not know about it. In next blog post i will trying to discuss about BIOS.

When Windows OS comes, Before the CLI (Command Line Interface) could be seen. In that CLI start with “C:\>” and here a cursor was always blinking. That was called DOS Prompt or Command Prompt. The CLI program allows to you work in an environment that looks like a only blank skin and there a Cursor always blink. If we want to run a program, Then here need to type some instruction or some kind of command. That was already predefined in OS. So you need to memorize all command. That is a big Disadvantage of CLI. Now times to GUI (Graphical User Interface). GUI is most popular, reliability and user friendly. Despite the end of the era of DOS version of Windows, The command line can be seen. Can you imagine it why? It is very easy. You can run a program easily and save your time. Also secure your Computer. But Windows Command Prompt is not user friendly Like as UNIX. 🙂

When Windows OS comes, Before the CLI (Command Line Interface) could be seen and It was control the whole world. That was called DOS Prompt or Command Prompt or MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System). MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) working between User and Hardware. MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) Create a link between User and Hardware. It was fully text base and preform a operation need to a Keyboard. You can work without mouse. 🙂

Earlier version of Windows XP, All others OS has need to MS-DOS. Otherwise it was not work. All previous version of Windows XP, Windows can not access BIOS. So you have need to select what Interface you want to run. GUI or CLI? But Latest version of Windows OS is more advanced. You don’t need to do anything. You can get both.

In this command mode you can do some amazing work, that will not in possible in GUI. But some times CLI is harmful to user. Suppose you type wrong command, then can not undo this action. If we delete file/folder with command then you can not back them. Because that files are deleted permanently. So be careful to using Command.

In next blog post i will write some command and trying to describe their operation.
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